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TWP candidate vows to restore value system

A candidate for Montserrado County electoral district#10 contesting on the ticket of the grand old True Whig Party, Amb. Alpha Bird Collins, says it’s about time the TWP, which was toppled during the 1980 military coup, returns to power to restore value system to the people of Liberia.

According to him, TWP is the only party that understands the difficulties Liberians are faced with. Amb. Collins spoke over the weekend in Smythe Road community, district #10 when he officially launches his campaign for the district’s seat.

“How we intend to give value to the Liberian people is by empowering them, because when people are empowered, they can easily do things for themselves and they will be ashamed of begging others for assistance” The TWP was founded in 1869 in Clay-Ashland township, Montserrado County. It presided over a society dominated by free slaves from America and their descendants, who were almost 100 percent of the citizens eligible to vote at the time.

Otherwise known as Liberian Whig Party, it dominated Liberian politics from 1878 until 1980 to the extent that the country virtually became a one-party state, though opposition parties were never outlawed.

Initially, its ideology was heavily influenced by that of the United States Whig Party. Candidate Collins whose campaign launch was poorly attended, vows to residents of district#10 that if elected, he would ensure that Liberians own their country again rather than live like foreigners here.

 Turning to the Legislature, he says lawmakers on Capitol Hill lack common sense, arguing that even if a person did not go to school, he should has common sense to do the right thing, but claims some of the legislators don’t have.

He explains that legislators are people that supposed to legislate laws in the interest of the people, and hold the Executive branch of government responsible for many things, but they are not up to the task.‘I am bringing a lot to the table that will transform the lives of citizens, but the main thing on my agenda is empowerment. I want people to do things for themselves and not me as lawmaker doing it for them, that is why I got people who are teaching others in masonry and carpentry among others, these are things that can help people to stand on their own.”

Candidate Collins continues that he’s not afraid of those contesting against him, because they lack adequate knowledge about the district they want to represent. He claims of having domiciled in district#10 for over 49 years, saying, “The Liberian people are not stupid anymore, they know who they want this time around.”

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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