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Tyler’s Claims Impregnated with Deceit, Hypocrisy

The town of Kakata in Margibi County in Liberia, last weekend, hosted the first national convention of the newly certificated Liberian People Democratic Party or LPDP.

The convention gathered hundreds of partisans from across the country, including a few Members of the House of Representatives. When he addressed convention delegates last Friday, December 11, 2015, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Alex Tyler – also the brain behind the LPDP, declared that Liberians were disenchanted over the rule of the current regime – the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Speaker Tyler – the Political Leader of the Liberian People Democratic Party, claimed that Liberians were not also happy about the distribution of the nation’s resources, assuring that the LPDP was established to do something different.

He attributed the proliferation of political parties like his current LPDP to disenchantment from the people of Liberia about the need for the government to do more.

“What we have to say is that we hope that this new direction will be a direction of peace and justice for all- a direction of equal justice for all; it is a direction of equal distribution of wealth, and I hope it is not going to be a direction of amassing resources for a few privileged. I hope it is going to be a new direction of sustainable development,” Tyler told his audience amid standing ovation, expressing the hope that this will be a new direction of excellent services to the people – a direction of good governance and direction of equal opportunities for all wherein Liberia will be made better for all Liberians.

While pointing a ‘finger’ at the current regime in which he has also been serving as a member and Speaker of the House of Representatives for more than ten and seven years respectively (52nd to the current 53rdLegislature), ‘four other fingers’ are also pointed at himself.

Speaker Tyler continues to head the most powerful branch of the Liberian Government charged with a number of constitutional responsibilities, including law-making, enactment of legislations and ratification of concession agreements.

In view of the foregoing, the LPDP Political Leader (as Speaker of the House) and colleagues of the current Legislature continue to remain at the center of accusations from almost all Liberians for ratifying concessions worth US$16bn in their ‘personal interests’, resulting to many failed and non-impact making concessions, and plunging communities in which most of these concessions operate into hardships, insecurity and increased poverty.

Is Tyler making all of these claims because he wants to be President of Liberia come 2017, even though he and his colleagues continue to be major players of the ‘disenchantment’ of the Liberian people? Why, infect, would Tyler choose to distance himself unhappiness of the people with the current government over the distribution of the nation’s resources when they are the key players in such distribution process? What about the issue of the national budget and salaries of civil servants? Why has Speaker Tyler as head of the House of Representatives not be concern about the well-being of workers/staff of the Capitol Building by giving them acceptable salaries and benefits?

In politics, the impossible must be made possible, with all of the fictitious justifications to lure the electorates into the thinking of the politicians; but in the case of Speaker J. Alex Tyler, it is like shooting himself in the legs.

No one in his or her conscious mind would ever choose cast blanket blame on the current administration when he/she is also guilty of the bad governance of Liberia despite huge resources, backed by the international support for more than ten years now – and it would be very foolhardy for the Liberian people to accept such hypocrisy and deceit from anyone, including Speaker J. Alex Tyler.

His claims and justifications must be rejected as a deceit and betrayal of the interest of the Liberian people. Listening to him would more likely be lending credence to his selfish political ego.


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