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Tyler’s removal eminent

From all indications, the removal of House Speaker J. Alex Tyler is very eminent, as sources at the Capitol have revealed that Speaker Tyler’s removal may only be a matter of days with many of his colleagues resolved to oust him as head of the Liberian Legislature.

It all began about three months ago from the Global Witness Report when he was indicted for a US$75,000 bribery allegation.The anti-Tyler bloc in the House of Representatives continues to swell by the day, while his deputy – Hans Barchue, has already been drawn in the picture of removing him. 

About two nights ago, the Grand Bassa County Representative and Deputy Speaker Barchue reportedly hosted 29 Lawmakers at his residence in the Rehab Community, with the core agenda of how to unseat Speaker Tyler.

The meeting, according to well-placed sources, yielded the needed result, with all in attendance committing to the Speaker’s removal in the soonest possible time. During Tuesday’s session in the chambers of the House of Representatives, presided over by Speaker Tyler, 34 members were present, while six were reportedly on official and district assignments. The remaining 33 – apparently anti-Tyler elements, willfully stayed away from session as a form of protest against the Speaker.

The stay-home protest created the gap that session was only occasioned by letters of excuses from four Lawmakers. When Speaker Tyler was quizzed about the resolution seeking his removal, he denied having any knowledge, saying: “I don’t know about any resolution and I’m not going anywhere,” he said.

Tyler was quickly rushed in the chambers of the lower house by security officers and some colleagues for the commencement of their statutory duties. The anti-Tyler bloc could not be talked to on grounds that they were not seen within the vicinity of the Capitol Building.

Speaker Alex Tyler is alleged to have received US$75,000 as ‘consulting fees’ out of the US$950,000 by the company. Since the release of the report, there have been mixed reactions and political in-fights relating to the exposure of a corruption syndicate by a renowned UK-based corruption watchdog, Global Witness.

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Speaker Tyler’s alleged involvement in the US$25,000 from the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) in 2015 was a serious controversy under investigation by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC). This almost ousted him.

When the LACC announced the launch of an investigation into the US$25,000 scandal linking Speaker Tyler and Representative Adolf Lawrence, the Capitol Building became very uneasy for Speaker Tyler, particularly upon hearing news of a plot to remove him.

Tyler, having been arrested by Criminal Court “C” based on request by the Special Presidential taskforce constituted by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to immediately investigates him and those accused, he presided over the House’s Plenary 24 hours later on Thursday and announced members of the committee without any remorse.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by George Barpeen

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