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Typhoid Medicine for US$600.00

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It has been scientifically proven that the cure of one of Africa’s deadly diseases – Typhoid which had taken away thousands of lives, has been discovered in the United States of America.

The treatment has reportedly been transported to Liberia, but the major concern has been affordability as the product is sold for US$600,00. At the news conference in Monrovia at a local hotel on Monday, the President of Royal Mineral Drops, Mike Burton, said, the treatment for the infectious and immune mediated diseases is the most powerful natural mineral supplements in the world – Kyani.

Mr. Burton told the news conference that Kyani – the combination of the minerals that help to boosts the immune system naturally, also contains 82 natural iconic minerals from the Great Salt Lake and helps patients stay balanced and fights off the disease.

According to him, Royal has over 82 occurring trace minerals, adding that the minerals boost the immune system and are deposited in the Great Salt Lake over thousands of years. The product has been certified by Halal of the Middle East and Asia, as well as the National council of America.

Speaking alongside Mr. Bruton, Apostle MacDonald Boima Jaa said being a Liberian, he chose Liberia to be starting point for Africa. He said due to high cost of the medicine, they are in close contact with the authorities of the Ministry of Health for the Government of Liberia to take over the product.

He pointed that each bottle of the product is sold for US$600. 00, suggesting that it would difficult for the average Liberian to purchase. Kyäni began with remarkable founding families who, from humble beginnings, achieved enormous successes, through hard work and innovation.

The Hansens have taken their small family business and have expanded into many successful arenas, including real estate development, convenient stores, hotels and more. Similarly, the Taylor family transformed three acres and a horse into one of the largest potato farming and cattle operations in Idaho.  

Today, they use cutting-edge technology to enhance and expand their businesses. The Founding Families were first introduced to the remarkable power of two relatively unknown Superfoods – Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.

The Hansens and Taylors were impressed by the potency and extraordinary health benefits of these nutrients.  As a result, they founded Kyäni to provide nutritional wellness to millions around the world. Today, Kyäni combines the world’s most powerful Superfoods to create the most compelling nutritional supplements in the industry and the opportunity to “Experience More.”

J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by George Barpeen

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