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U.S. denies Solomon George entry

Congress for Democratic Change or CDC lawmaker Representative Solomon Claudius George, known for publicly ranting insults on his critics, including journalists has been denied admission to the United States; and his visa cancelled.

U.S. denies

Traveling with two of his children – a boy and a girl, Representative George arrived at Chicago O’Hare International Airport on September 19, 2016 onboard United Airlines Flight 973 from Brussels, Belgium and presented himself to U.S. immigration authorities for inspection hearing with a Liberian Passport #L177239, according to documents obtained by The NewDawn.

The rather rowdy CDC lawmaker, whose wife reportedly gave birth in the United States during her last visit there and has been declared an overstay, told the hearing the he was in America to hold town hall meetings with Liberians and discuss politics back home as well as use the opportunity to witness the American elections, saying that he would have loved to stay up to 14 November 2016.

But his responses were characterized by inconsistencies, at one point telling U.S. Immigration that he would like to spend two weeks in America to show gratitude to his sister who is about to get married, while at another instant, admitting that he had gone to attend the wedding of his 21-year-old daughter who is on Temporary Protective Status or TPS. 

The Liberian Legislator told the immigration he earns an annual salary of 44,000 Liberian Dollars. Question: “This is roughly $499 USD, correct?” Solomon George responded, “Yes.”  He also disclosed that he received US$6,000 from two banks and another US$6,000 as loan credited from the House of Representatives.

When asked why he needed so much money, Representative George said during his previous trip to the United States, he experienced flight delays and had to book hotel for extra number of days so this time around, he had sure there was enough money in his pocket.

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However, perhaps what seems more incriminating to the U.S. Immigration is a text message discovered in Rep. George’s mobile phone reportedly from Montserrado County Senator George Weah, detailing that he (Solomon George) accepted money for his signature at the Liberian Legislature.

“Basically, that you took a bribe. So I will ask you again, did you take a bribe while in office in the Liberian House of Representatives?” George responded, “No, he was joking with me.” But the U.S. says Rep. George failed to provide convincing evidence that he had entered America for the purpose of tourism, noting that based on the fact that he took along with him his two children – Christopher Solomon George and Shanlene Bernice George, and had to take money from multiple sources, totaling about US$12,000, he had gone to join his wife to stay permanently.

“You have not presented enough evidence to make me believe that you are here for tourism purposes. Therefore, you are inadmissible to the United States pursuant section 212(a)(7)(&)(1)(2) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act…”, the U.S. Homeland Security officer, who interrogated Representative Solomon Claudius George concluded.

The CDC lawmaker reportedly returned to Liberia on Sunday, 25 September with his two children via the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County.

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