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UK Backs Liberia’s return to the Inter- Parliamentary Union

The governments of the United Kingdom and Liberia- have recounted the pioneering role of both countries that proudly culminated into the establishment of the global parliamentary network: the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

The Vice-Chair of the British Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (BGIPU), Lord John Whittingdale – opined that such important epoch has formed the basis for substantive discourse and cooperation around global governance and leadership between parliaments of the world.

Presenting a plaque- in honour of the delegation from the lower house of the Liberian legislature, while celebrating the historic ties that continue to foster between the UK and Liberia, Lord Whittingdale stressed that Liberia’s re-entry to the global Parliamentary network is a matter of both historic importance and contemporary relevance.

Lord Whittingdale recognises – that Liberia continues to broaden its democratic space while improving citizens’ participation- assuring that the United Kingdom looks forward to deepening its relations with Liberia via the IPU framework.

According to a dispatch from London, The BGIPU Vice-Chair intoned that the visit of the Liberian delegation to the Westminster Parliament has rekindled the profound spirit of cooperation with their counterparts in Liberia.

Responding, the head of the Liberian delegation, Hon Johnson Gwaikolo, ideally situated Liberia’s pathway to returning to the fold of the global Parliament forum, despite periodic inactivity. He recalled Liberia’s delegation to Santiago, Chile during the early 90s; where he and other colleagues presented Liberia’s case for realignment, notwithstanding the state of uneasiness Liberia was dealing with.

He asserted that Liberia’s democratic transformation has witnessed a vigorous interaction with the comity of Nations; where Liberia is fully represented at regional and international Parliamentary levels, referencing ECOWAS, African Union amongst others.

Representative Gwaikolo emphasized Liberia’s commitment to adopt a more progressive re-engagement through the Inter-Parliamentary Union framework, the IPU; he commended his colleagues at the British Parliament and British Group of the( BGIPU)- for the recognition and reflection of how far both nations share in common.

Rep Gwaikolo expressed the hope that history and emerging dynamics will form the basis for the new dimension for UK-Liberia relations; exploring increased collaboration and maintaining strategic partnership with their counterparts in Westminster.
A delegation from the House of Representative in Liberia- was guest of the British Group of the Inter-Parliamentary (BGIPU) – holding discussions with the British Parliament on matters concerning International development and increasing British Private capital n Liberia.
The delegation was in London from the 7-11 of May 2018.

The members of the delegation included: Nimba County Representative and Co-chair of the Committee on Public Works, Hon Johnson Gwaikolo.Montserrado County Representative and Chair of the Modernisation Committee, Hon Rustonlyn Dennis. Others were Rivercess County Representative and Chair of the Committee on Internal Affairs, Hon Byron Zahnwea; Lofa County Representative and Chair of the Committee on Gender Equity and Child Development, Hon Julie F. Wiah; and Maryland County Representative Mike Jurry, who’s also Co- Chair on The Committee on Education. The delegation also included, the Chief Clerk of the House of Representative, Madam Mildred Sayon.

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