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UL Alumni Launch USD$2m Fund Drive

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The Alumni Association of the University of Liberia has launched a US$2m- fund drive to aid students with Scholarships and infrastructure that the institution. The President of the Alumni Association of the University of Liberia, James Davies, said the fund drive will take place all over Liberia as a way of encouraging Liberians to participate in making the University a better learning environment.

According to him, the campaign is being taken to various high schools for students desirous of attending the University of Liberia. It will also be held in various churches and mosques to help with whatever they can to support the institution.

The campaign will also reach out to government officials, including Lawmakers who passed through the walls of the University, to assist in making the campaign successful. Mr. Davies indicated that the fund-drive will also be extended to the United States for the contributions of Liberians, especially UL Alumni, saying mobilization is underway to generate the US$2m for support to the University and its students.

The UL Alumni President added that proceeds from the fund-drive to go to the purchase of additional buses to ease the problem with transportation, as well as install internet connectivity on the campuses of the university to allow students learn faster, while Laboratory and library will also be upgraded.-Edited by George Barpeen

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