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UL hails gov’t intervention on registration process

University of Liberia (UL) President Dr. Ophelia I. Weeks has hailed Liberian President George Manneh Weah’s contribution in digitizing students registration process, saying UL is lucky to have some godparents led by President Weah made a commitment to assist with making UL’s digitization process one of their 150 days deliverables.

Speaking last week at Fendall during a mock demonstration of a digitized student registration process to replace the manual one, Dr. Weeks described the new step taken by the University as a positive migration for the future at UL.

She notes that once the University makes this giant step, there are so many other steps that it will be able to make with this digitization process. She says it is not only registration, but also finance and human resources, among others, and thanked everybody that contributed to making the digital system possible at UL.

The digitized students’ registration process is due to be provided by a Liberian – owned Software Company MWETANA.It will replace the University’s age – old manual registration and other student – related documentation processes that have stressed out thousands of university students enrolled at UL for so many decades.

The software company says students will be given usernames and passwords with inbuilt security detector mechanisms to detect whose logging in.MWETANA says students can stay at home or anywhere and plan courses online, generate control sheet and get billed by the system without visiting the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) windows on campus.

MWETANA CEO Mr. Vivian Jones says based on what they know today registration process at UL for new students consists of 30 steps and 26 steps for existing students. But he announces that when the new process gets fully implemented, it will cut down students’ registration steps drastically from 30 or 26 to three or two steps.

By Winston W. Parley

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