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UL lifts ban on student politics

The President of the University of Liberia Rev. Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson has announced the lifting of a ban on students political activities at the Institution.
Announcing the decision Thursday, 23 January at Fendall, Dr. Nelson to work with the students groups for the University Administration to [reconvene] the offices of the student political parties.

“And in the light of our consultation, I’m happy to announce that as we’re going to the end of this semester, the University Administration is hereby lifting the ban on students political activities as we go on into the future,” Dr. Nelson says amidst applause.

He announced the decision at the opening of a one – day lecture to the student community and the University by the Ambassador of Korea to Liberia Lee In – Tae on the topic “Growing the Liberian Economy through Education: the South Korean Model.”

Nelson informs the University family that several consultations have been concluded with the student community at the University of Liberia in preparation to move forward.

He says he had a meeting with the Students Advisory Council that had been reactivated.
He notes that the ban has been long in place and the University Administration thought it is time to lift it by the blessing of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Further, Dr. Nelson also announces temporary permit to a new political group on the campus.
Students’ politics at the University have in the time past seen violence, which have sometimes prompted administrative decisions including suspension or ban on student political activities.By Winston W. Parley

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