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UL offers degree in Social Work

As the restructuring, which includes the introduction of new areas of specialization and revision of old curriculum at the University of Liberia progresses, the Faculty-Senate of the Institution has overwhelmingly approved of the curriculum for social work leading to the award of Bachelor Degree in Social Work.

 The principal goal is to equip graduates in other to conduct social research and solve social problems in the country.  The Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW) in Liberia College is a four year professional program that subscribes to the Mission of the University of Liberia, the Association of Liberia Social Workers (NALSOW), and other international protocols such as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), USA, among others. Students majoring in Social Work are required to complete between 124and 125 credit hours of course requirements.

The rationale is to prepare and expose undergraduates of the social work program to identify social problems in Liberia and derive solutions. The establishment of a Bachelor of Social Work Degree (BSW) will play a key role in harnessing and consolidating all social work programs in Liberia.

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Social work courses that will be offered include Introduction to Social Work, Human Behavior in Social Environment, Generalist Practice Methods, Social Work Research Methods, Human Behavior in Social Environment, Generalist Practice Methods I and II, among others.

Upon completion of the BSW Program, undergraduate students will demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking skills, recognize and apply the value base of the social work, interpret the history of the social work profession, use theoretical framework, evaluate research studies, practice without discrimination, with respect, knowledge and skills related to clients, among others.

At the same time, the Department of Philosophy, University of Liberia, has forwarded a petition to the Faculty-Senate, the highest decision making body on Academic Affairs in the institution for acceptance to grant BA degree in Religious Studies. The program seeks to explore the expression of religion in human culture and analyzes the influence of religion on other aspects of culture, as well as the culture on religion.

When approved, the courses to be offered include English 101, RESU 101: Introduction to Religion Studies, REUSU 301: Religious Doctrines, RESU 102: Introduction to Religious Studies II, English 102- English II:, PHIL 300 – Introduction to Philosophy, RESU 302 – Religious Doctrines II, among others.

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-Press Release

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