UL students continue unrest

Protesting students at the Fendell Campus of the University of Liberia are calling for the resignation of the Dean for Students Affairs, Dr.Julius Sarwolo Nelson, Jr.

The students advocating for one of their colleagues, Alvin Wesseh, who was expelled by the UL Administration to be re-admitted in the University, said Dean Nelson is making no impact at the institution, saying “He is just there to occupy space and making no input”.

Classes at the Fendell Campus were again disrupted Tuesday at about 11:00 am by the aggrieved students, who threatened to continue with the disruption of classes if their demand for the reinstatement of Alvin Wesseh is not addressed by the administration.

The protest intensifies as the university prepares to graduate about 4,000 students this November, among whom Wesseh should have been. The Fendell Campus became tension-packed Tuesday when Dean Nelson walked through the gate of the Agriculture complex where students booed at him.

As the dean and the Vice President for University Relations Norris Tweh walked through the door, the students shouted, “Here come the rogues that are stealing our University money. Dean Nelson, get out!We don’t want you.”

The aggrieved students said if Wesseh’s expulsion is not reconsidered to enable him return to school, they would disrupt classes, including the pending graduation ceremony.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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