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UL students receive financial aid

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Grand Gedeh District #3 Representative Alex Grant has donated Fifty-Thousand Liberian Dollars (LD$50,000) as an initial contribution to the Grand Gedeh Students Union at the University of Liberia.

Grant said out of the 750 Grand Gedeh students, about 75-80 were really stranded and needed to go to school – a situation prompting the first LD$50,000 intended for payment of their fees. He said such immediate intervention was necessary due to the urgency, while he exerts efforts to settle the fees of other students.

Speaking on UNMIL radio’s coffee break, Rep. Grant said because most of the students were reading Agriculture, he was of the belief that educating Agriculture students was for the future betterment of the county.

The Grand Gedeh Lawmaker said the Agriculture Students will help this Nation a lot by growing so many crops from which Liberia will and Liberians will benefit and not depend on those from other countries.

He stressed that Agriculture should be key on the Government’s Agenda because of the high quality of soil, saying: “so many things can be grown here and even Liberia can also be an exporter of crops so that other parts of the world can benefit from us too”.

“A Nation that can feed itself is a great Nation; we can grow what we eat- we can even grow our food; even if the roads are closed , we can live with the food we have grown here- so Agriculture should be highly prioritized,” he noted.

By Ethel A. Tweh

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