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UL to Award Bachelors in Nursing and Midwifery

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UL Relations, Capitol Hill, Monrovia/ 30 September 2015:–The University of Liberia, in collaboration with the John F. Kennedy Medical Center and the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA), has introduced another four-year degree granting program in the College of Health and Life Sciences leading to a B.Sc. in Nursing and B.Sc. in Midwifery.

According to the Vice President for Life and Health Sciences Dr. V. Kanda Golakai, the new program has already commenced and has 19 students.  “These student will transfer with a certain amount of credits from what they learned at TNIMA and then they will supplement it with a certain amount of credit from what they will acquire from the University of Liberia through the College of Science and Technology as well as the medical school, and then finalized by more intense courses being offered at TNIMA, but complementary for degree in nursing,” he stated.

Dr. Golakai further stated that the Nursing and Midwifery degree option is a combined articulation program between the TNIMA, which is an established nursing training non-degree program that has been the only public option over the years to a degree option now being provided so that nurses can have a career that is compatible with other degree granting units at the University of Liberia.

The Faculty-Senate of the University of Liberia has already approved the new program curriculum.  The vision underpinning the Nursing and Midwifery Articulation Program shall be a knowledge and technology-driven, internationally acclaimed program that is evidence based, practice-oriented and dedicated to developing leaders in acute and community-based care, according to the program’s curriculum.

A candidate wishing to enter the Articulation Program to pursue bachelors in Nursing or Midwifery must write a comprehensive entrance examination and make a pass with a 75 % score or above. Copy of transcript from TNIMA; current copy of license as a registered nurse or registered midwife from the Liberia Board of Nursing and Midwifery with a minimum average grade point of 2.5 from a previous educational institution among other key requirements for admission.

According to the new program curriculum, the Articulation Program requires a total of 126 credit-hours to complete the Articulation Program. Sixty-three credit hours will be transcripted upon admission to the program, while another 63 credits will be transferred to the University of Liberia from the TNIMA B.Sc. in Nursing and the B.Sc. in Midwifery diploma programs.

The general education requirement core courses are 48 credit hours. It will include 32 credits of liberal arts courses and 16 credits of science and mathematics credits. The upped-level nursing credits will include fifteen credits. Students will take these courses concurrently with the other liberal arts courses.

Both the nursing and midwifery curriculums in place are based on the harmonized curriculum adopted by the Liberian Board of Nursing and the Liberian Board of Midwifery respectively. The nursing curriculum includes a total of 93 credits and the midwifery includes a total of 96 credits. The two programs are in compliance with national accreditation standards.

Some of the core courses in nursing include Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing (3 credits); Administration (Leadership and management) II (3 credits); Capstone in Specialty Nursing (3 credits), Evidence Based Practice in Nursing (3 credits); and Clinical Specialty Practice in Nursing (3 credits).

While those in the Midwifery division include Transition Baccalaureate Midwifery (3 credits), Administration (Leadership and Management) II (3 credits), Capstone Midwifery (3 credits), Evidence Based Practice in Midwifery (3 credits); and Clinical Specialty Practice in Midwifery V (3 credits).

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