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ULAA’s Resolution on the Liberian Ebola Virus Crisis

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Given that the people of the Republic of Liberia are currently experiencing the menacing effects of the dreaded Ebola Virus, which has imposed untold deaths and suffering upon the population, mainly health professionals and volunteers as well as ordinary Liberians and other nationals, the national leadership of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), under the dynamic leadership of its National Executive President, Madam Nellie Francis Sirleaf-Savice, convened an emergency meeting on August 12, 2014 to further deliberate this most critical matter. The deliberation was intense and lasted for hours, deriving the following conclusions:

Whereas the Union painfully acknowledges the spread of the Ebola Virus from foreign land into Liberia and the failure of the Liberian Government to undertake appropriate measures to timely address the emerging threat of the Ebola Virus,

Whereas the Ebola Virus has now reportedly spread into 8 of the 15 counties of the country, save an entire section of the country, an area diagonally opposed to the vector of the disease, pointing to how much more it could have been easily curbed were the proper steps timely initiated by the Liberian Government,

Whereas the Ebola Virus has become widespread and caused pandemonium among the people, thus exposing not only the incompetence and lack of genuine commitment of the country’s national leadership but also the wild and noisy disorder of the entire Liberian government functionaries,

Whereas the Union Recognizes that the State of Emergency has properly and legally been sought, processed through both Houses of the Liberian Legislature and securely granted into the care of the Liberian Government under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,

Reaffirming relevant portions of the Preamble of ULAA as stipulated in its Constitution ratified in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA at its 22nd Annual General Conference in 1997 as to wit:

“Aware and realizing the difficult experiences of our national existence as a Republicthat all Liberians are one people indivisible and of a common destiny,”

“Determined, having resolved, to live and work together for the greater good of all of our people everywhere, and in the best interest of our country,”

Wherefore, the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) notes with shock and disdain the dismal performance of the Liberian Government in its response to, and handling of, the menacing Ebola Virus and,

Resolves that the time for belated, slapdash, catch-up national leadership measures taken to confront the Ebola Virus and all Liberian Government pretenses exhibited in this matter thus far must come to an end in order to bring a halt to the current Ebola outbreak,

Applauds the effort of the Liberian Government under the leadership of Dr. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to seek constitutionally, and successfully be granted by both Houses of the Liberian Legislature the powers of the National State of Emergency in the fight against the Ebola Virus but however,

Reminds the Liberian Government that mere apologies rendered to the Nigerian government and people, Liberian health professionals and the many ordinary victims of the Ebola Virus may be good but are certainly not good enough,

Calls on the Liberian President, Dr. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, to undertake concrete steps in the fight against the Ebola Virus beyond mere catch-up measures by using the powers of the State of Emergency to for once take the following patriotic actions in the interest of the people of Liberia:

1.That given the adverse economic implications of the disease and the inevitable short and long term economic hardship to follow the crisis, one full month salary in contribution to the fight against the Ebola Virus be deducted over a 4 month period beginning September 2014 from each official of government, government agency or parastatal starting from the rank of Assistant Minister and upwards, including all three branches of the Liberian Government,

2. That given the gross negligence of the Liberian Government in its initial response to the Ebola Virus crisis and the accompanying devastating consequences on health workers, each member of the Liberian professional medical or volunteer staff who die, get infected, exposed or involved, in treatment or quarantine in the line of duty in any way related to the Ebola Virus, including burial handlers, aids, nurses, doctors and other such associates, be given a Family Recovery Purse of at least 25 thousand United States Dollars,

3. That an account be opened with an international banking institution, managed by a team of renown Liberians and headed by one of such luminaries as Sister Mary Lauren, Mary Antoinette Brownell, Bishop Arthur Kulah, former Auditor General John Morlu or other such personalities,

4. That the Liberian Government work in partnership with international organizations such as the USA Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to secure urgent airlift from abroad for delivery to Liberia within days all necessary medical protective gears, equipment, materials and other such Ebola fighting assets for use by the Liberian medical team members,

5.That the impending Senatorial election be postponed by at least 12 months as of now, meaning that the Principle of Continuity or Legislative Continuity as enshrined in Article 46 of the Liberian Constitution would be fulfilled, whereby the remaining 15 Senators effective as of January 1, 2015 would conduct the affairs of the Liberian Senate until elections are held and induction conducted, and whereby the determination of quorum of the body for the duration of the 12 months is based on the remaining 15 Senators, not 30,

6. That members of the office staff of each of the departing 15 Senators is re-assigned to the counterpart, Senator of the appropriate county until the vacant Senatorial offices are filled,

7. That in addition to their contribution to their nation as part of  more than $30 billion United States Dollars transferred to Africa annually as well as cash and material donation made already to the fight against the Ebola Virus, Liberians in the Diaspora would be requested, mobilized and rallied to make donations to the Anti-Ebola Campaign by making deposits into the account,

8. That for accountability and transparency, the Liberian Government Task Force on Ebola begin to make regular, weekly public report on its progress and the actual dollar amount disbursed from the Liberian Government allocated $20 million United States Dollars,

9. That because we know that detractors or some concerned or affected Senators or other government officials might attempt to politicize the exercise of the State of Emergency power in respect of the above, we, the officers and members of ULAA, each and every Liberian in the Diaspora do commit ourselves to standing by the Liberian people in exposing, resisting and defeating any such potential acts against the Liberian people and nation state. The security, health and wellbeing of the Liberian people cannot be subordinated to the chicanery interest of politicians all the time. To the contrary, however, where the Liberian President fails to demonstrate the required good faith, patriotism, boldness, seriousness and the requisite astute leadership in this instance, the blame could be at the doorsteps of the Executive Mansion, and the Liberian people may not relent.

Done under my signature and the seal of the Union this 12th day of August 2014.

Signed: Nellie Francis Sirleaf-Savice (Mrs.)
National Executive President

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