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ULSU seeks $US 26m

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The University of Liberia Student Union or ULSU has written the House of Representatives to adequately fund the University for this fiscal year with the needed amount of $US 26 million through the regular budgetary process to enable the University meet up with its growth and development agenda.

ULSU said the growth and development of the University of Liberia had been all- time low and the quality of education the students of the University are receiving is jeering due to GoL’s inadequate support to the institution over the past four fiscal years, while the provision of quality education desired by student continues to remain ineffective and inefficient as a result of dilapidated academic infrastructure.

In a communication sent to the House of Representatives Tuesday, ULSU said the $US 1.6 million subsidy commitment made to the University of Liberia Student Union during the tuitions and fees increment is made available through the regular budgetary process to less fortunate students to continue their academic study at the University of Liberia.
ULSU said it is time that the Legislature considers the compulsory introduction of a National Internship Program for junior and senior University student to enhance students job level experience prior to graduation across the country.

According to the president of ULSU Jerome D. Barnard the academic status of the University remains heavily challenging, the lack of basic IT infrastructure facility to include computer labs, modern laboratories apparatus, equipped libraries, standard campus based medical response unit improved sanitary environment, major transportation constrains and unavailable student internship program intended to raise students job level experience speak volume of the level of extreme challenges student face in their academic sojourn at the UL. Meanwhile the House of Representative has forwarded the communication to the leadership of the House of Representative for action.

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