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UMC gives Ellen her flowers

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe United Methodist Church here has honored President Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf for her sacrificial services, hard work, and dedication to duty, strong will, integrity and trust in God.

What has been termed as a high honor from the new Methodist Bishop, Mrs. Sirleaf was honored alongside two others-outgoing conference leader, Rudolph Merab and conference secretary ChuckuPadmore, while Mr. Tolbert Nyeswa elected conference lay leader.

At the honoring ceremony which was held on Friday, 17 February in Ganta City,Nimba County , at the Liberia Annual Conference or LAC of the United Methodist Church, the church praised President Sirleaf for “steering the Liberian Ship from a war – torn and divided country to a nation of peace and transition of hope and development” for nearly 12 years.

“For these and many other reasons, all United Methodists are proud of you and the LAC/UMC is pleased to honor you by memorializing your legacy with the establishment of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Scholarship Fund for high school girls who excel in science and mathematics and those who provide exemplary leadership in students governance”, the Church said.

President Sirleaf who recently concluded a farewell visit to counties in western Liberia where she similarly received praises for leading the country peacefully, had been told by the United Methodist Church in Ganta that the honor is a grateful acknowledgement of her exemplary leadership in Liberia and beyond.
The Church particularly said it was honoring President Sirleaf for her exemplary leadership in the United Methodist Church where she has variously “shown that our Master and Savior Jesus Christ” has taught
her to properly serve humanity.
As a distinguished and honorary member of the First United Methodist Church Council, the Church says President Sirleaf is contributing and participating in the work of her local church.
Over the years, it says President Sirleaf has significantly contributed to the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, citing her direct, indirect and quiet giving which can be seen in the many FUMC outreach programs.
The Church cited the SiaffaKeh School Project in Grand Cape Mount County as a more recent project to which President Sirleaf’s contribution is manifested.
Born and baptized in the Presbyterian Faith, the United Methodist Church says President Sirleaf became its member through marriage.
Having joined the Methodist Church through marriage, the Church says President Sirleaf fully learned and got absorbed in the true Wesleyan practice and fashion of doing good to humanity through personal example.
“By your sacrificial services, hard work, dedication to duty, strong will, integrity and above all, your trust in our Lord and His grace, you rose through the ranks of the church and state to become the first elected female President, not only of the Republic of Liberia, but in Africa”, the Church added.-New Dawn

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