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From now, I shall be lecturing on relationships. I thought it wise to focus on this topic because I have noticed that most people find it difficult on how to select or know the partner that is right for you. Relationships are not limited only to marriages but also casual friends, and any form of relations.

Today, I will start by discussing on friends, because every relationship begins with friendship.
Before we go into details, let me start by asking, are friends recognized in the site of GOD? The answer is YES, if you don’t know. The word friend appears 106 times in the Bible from start to end, this is to tell you how important friends are in the plans of GOD.

John 15:15
Henceforth I call you not servant; for the servant know not what his lord doeth: but I have call you friends: for all things that I have heard of my father; I have made know unto you. 

From this verse Jesus show us that friendship is not just how we considered it. It is above normal brother and sister relationships.
In part one of this edition I shall be looking at WHO IS A FRIEND?

In the oxford advance learner dictionary, “a FRIEND IS a PERSON NOT a RELATION, WHOM ONE KNOWS AND LIKE WELL”. I underline those two words because they are the most important in a relationship that will last for life. In that we should understand that a friend is not a neighbor, companion, or someone that you are acquainted with or walk with, instead a friend is someone that you should know and have knowledge about on different issues, and that you can represent when he or she is not around. NOT OUR KIND OF FRIENDSHIP THAT WE HAVE NOW A DAYS STABING THOSE WE CALL OUR FRIENDS AT THEIR BACK.

Knowing someone is one aspect, liking that person is another. You might know almost everything about someone but does not like that person because of some reasons or negative life style. So must importantly, you must have likeness for someone that you call your friend. Generally, I will say a friend is someone with whom you have combination of knowledge and likeness.

Proverb 17:17
A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

A friend is someone that loves at all times, not someone that we see today who only loves you for what you have and not what you are.

If you go back and read the first scripture John 15:15 you will find out from that verse that a friend is someone who can tell everything, someone with whom you have no secret and keep their secret.

A friend is someone who knows my fault and accepts me just as I am.

A friend is someone who loves me enough to speak into my life and tells me the truth that I need to hear.

A friend is someone with whom I can be transparent, honest and vulnerable.

A friend is someone who can share their life and not have it comes back, i.e. giving without expecting to have in return.
A friend is someone I can count on in times of crises.

A friend is someone who will never leave you nor forsake you.

A friend is someone that will stand for and by you in everything.

A friend is someone whose need I can meet, not the one who meets my need.

A friend is someone who encourages you in GOD.

A friend is someone committed to help his or her friend realize GOD purpose and potential her life

A true friendship involves declared loyalty & commitment.

A true friend is someone that is there when he or she has reasons not been there i.e. when being there is sacrificially costly.

For details discussion you can join us for the counseling session every second & last Saturday of each month, on the old road behind the York plaza hotel at 4:30pm for 2 hours. Come and let us share our thoughts, and know how to select our partners. You can call for direction.



By; Min. Mrs. Massa M. Kanyon, House of Achievers Church

Old Road Junction, behind the Executive carwash 9th Edition

Contact: 0886- 749110/ 0886- 139310/ 0770- 749110/ 0770- 443355.
E-mail: Pureheartlib2014.mk@gmail.com

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