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Understanding the Concern of the Senator, But…

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A member of the Liberian Legislature recently attributed mob violence here to weak and delayed justice system. The Senator -Thomas Grupee, made specific reference to the recent bloody violence in the commercial city of Ganat, Nimba County – north of Liberia, which led to mass looting, arson attacks, as well as loss of lives and destruction of properties.

While condemning the perpetrators of the bloody Ganta violence for ‘taking the laws into their own hands’, Senator Grupee – also a citizen of Nimba County, also frowned at the Liberian Justice system for its delays and weakness in addressing issues of justice – a situation, he noted, should not be in the country, stressing urgency for the justice system to become pro-active to win public trust.

While the sentiments of the Nimba County Senator must be understood, taking the justice system to task in the wake of the violence behavior of his people is the same as condemning himself and Members of the entire Legislature. And the attributing factor, in view of the foregoing, is the inability of the Legislature to seriously consider budgetary increment for the Judiciary to capacitate the justice system to be more proactive in addressing the issues of giving the people sound justice.

The Senator and his likes must also understand that there can be no “miracle” by the Judiciary to do more than its best, when Members of the Legislature primarily focus on interests during budget reviews.

If and only if the Legislature can place emphasizing on improving the budget of the Judicial Branch of Government, most of these identifiable challenges can be addressed to ensure justice for the people of Liberia.

However, despite the weakness and delays by the Liberian justice system in being proactive, those engaged in the recent un-necessary bloody violence in Ganta, looting, vandalizing, burning homes, as well as murdering, among others, were unbefitting of good and desirable citizens.

Even if there were delays by the justice system to address whatever complaints that may have been made, such should not have given rioters any ground to behave in the undesirable manner they did, over-shadowing the cause(s) for which they advocated.

But the challenge is now Senator Thomas Grupee and colleagues who represent the people of Liberia to ensure increased budgetary allotment for the Judiciary to address the concerns raised.

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