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UNDP Launches Business Report

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has launched a report on companies and business owners in Liberia. The ceremony, which brought together thousands of international and local business owners, was used to discuss the way to improved business growth in the country.

Speaking at the official launch, UNDP Regional Sector Manager, Tomas Sals, said the essence of the report is to bring investment to companies and business owners that have interest in the agriculture sector across the continent, and to renew all activities that have to do with agriculture in the country.

Sals disclosed that the report was produced under the leadership, coordination and funding of the African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM). AFIM is a regional private sector and inclusive market development program of the UNDP.

According to him, the objective is to accelerate progress toward achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, noting that creating the ecosystems that nurture inclusive business is a complex task.

Sals asserted that various functions have to complement each other, and various actors need to collaborate in order to provide for business owners, adding that enterprises are the fundamental drivers of inclusive business, but innovation and entrepreneurship are most required at all levels, from multilateral organization to local Civil Society Organization.

He pointed out that building inclusive business ecosystem requires collaborative entrepreneurship and that “in order to truly set competition within low income market, free both public and private, as well as private foundations, can stimulate the creation of currently lacking local support institutions, they can document and analyze best practices, share insight and facilitate public-private dialogues.”

For his part, the outgoing Chairman of the National Investment Commission(NIC) Natty Davis, expressed gratitude to UNDP for the introduction of the report to companies and business owners, which will give them adequate experience on how to investment in their business through the agriculture sector for the growth and development of the country.

The NEC Boss stated that the report will make a significant progress in making sure that every investor coming in the country will engage in the agriculture sector, employing the young people that reside in and out of the country.

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