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UNDP/OHCHR join rule of law

The Joint UNDP/OHCHR Rule of Law Programme is partnering with the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, to establish a Legal Aid Clinic in terms of programme objectives.
The programme also intends to develop and introduce a course on clinical legal education.
The Clinic, when established, will enable law students to learn practical legal skills while providing legal aid services to indigent persons.

The Clinic will also serve to produce a generation of lawyers that are ingrained with the principles and values of volunteerism and the provision of pro bono legal services, while protecting the rights of vulnerable members of the public.A consultant, Dr. ConsolataNgondi was contracted to assist the school to develop a framework which will guide the establishment of the Clinic.

Dr. Ngondi has developed an Options Analysis Paper, laying out the contextual background, analyzing regional and international best practices, and presenting options and models that the school could adopt in various areas of the proposed Clinic.
A presentation was made to the Administration and students of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law recently on the campus.

The Chief Technical Advisor for the UNDP Rule of law project, Rowland Cole described the initiative as a great milestone in the history of the legal institution and an important step being taken for indigents to access justice.

Dr. Cole expressed delight over the partnership with the Law School, noting that it’s an opportunity to leverage resources for critical outcomes.The Dean of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of law urged students to own the process, which takes into consideration a mix of knowledge and skills set.

Discussions, inputs and feedback from students and faculty are expected to assist the school to make strategic choices regarding the establishment of the Clinic. Feedback obtained will also inform the refining of the paper, and the subsequent development of a Framework Document.

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