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UNESCO pledges more support to TVET here

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO, has pledged more support to the Inter-Ministerial Task Force on Technical and Vocational Education Training in Liberia.

UNESCO says it will work with the Government and development partners to ensure activities around the three key priorities areas of governance, policy framework and strategic planning, information sharing, data collection and analysis are implemented in a timely manner to enhance effective TVET governance and delivery here.

Speaking Friday, 14 November at a consultative seminar on the draft operation plan for the development of TVET (2015-2020) at the Ministry of Education in Monrovia,  UNESCO Director,   Hassana Alidoou, said since the last meeting in March 2014 much has been achieved as evidenced by the consultation and validation of the operational plan.

She also said youth unemployment in Liberia is a major issue that could have serious implications for social stability and national security. According to the 2008 National Population and Housing Census conducted by the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services or LISGIS, 79% of Liberia’s 3.5 million population is below 36.

The consultation and validation of the TVET operational plan is a joint effort by the Government of Liberia through the inter-ministerial task force on TVET and UNESCO capacity building for education for all (CapEFA) programme.

Meanwhile, outgoing Education Minister, Madam Etmonia Tarpeh, has urged the task force on Technical and Vocational Education and Training or TVET to put the five years plan to action.

Madam Tarpeh said that Liberians are noted for making good plans on paper but implementation seems to always pose a problem, stressing that it’s time for the Ministry of Youth and Sports and TVET to work to have more Liberians ready for the job market.

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