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Unity Party bleeding

Nimba County District#7 Representative, Worlea-Saywah Dunah says the ruling Unity Party or UP is “bleeding,” but denies claims the party is “disintegrating” in his analysis of the wave of resignations by party hierarchies and other partisans.

Appearing on the early morning talk show “Truth Breakfast Show” on Truth FM 96.1 on Wednesday, 11 November, Representative Dunah however admitted the strength of the executive committee of the ruling UP has dwindled in the wake of mass resignations and exits But he argued the focus and direction of the executive committee remain the same, and the UP is a formidable force determined to win a third term.

UP’s vice standard bearer, Vice President Joseph Boakai has announced his intention to vie for the presidency in 2017. Mr. Boakai has accepted a petition from his native Lofa County to go for the nation’s highest post.

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The UP has suffered desertions by partisans in the last two to three months, including House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, Representatives WessehBlamo, Emmanuel Nuquay and Gabriel Nyenkan, who have turned their backs on the ruling party.

Rep. Dunah was buttressed by his colleague Rep. MatenokayTingban, also from the governing UP, who called on the show and agreed the party is bleeding, adding that it’s quite alarming if you have the Speaker of the House resigning from his party.

He said those resigning from the UP were “primary beneficiaries”; not aggrieved partisans as some may construe it to be. “I thought you’re saying that the party has lost focus, and you are [sitting] in the hierarchy of the party, so who has lost focus? Thank you,” he said.

Tingban argued that without putting in any measures within the hierarchy of the UP, the third man in the country – House Speaker Alex Tyler – “is saying that the party has lost focus.” He said the resignations by the lawmakers were premeditated, accusing them of forming a political party over the years and allegedly collecting $200 each towards such formation.

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“Look, this is a disservice to our people; you don’t do that to our people; you know this is just an establishment of another dictatorial empire. Those who are forming political [parties] automatically they become standard bearers,” he claims.

By Winston W. Parley

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