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UP Bong Official Extols New Dawn

An official of the ruling Unity Party in Bong County has extolled the New Dawn Newspaper for its recent publications, highlighting the nine year-dismal performance of the county’s Senior Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor.

Ernest Siakor, Unity Party Bong County Vice Chair For Mobilization

The party’s Vice Chairman for Mobilization in Bong County, Mr. Ernest Siakor described what the paper reported as ‘exactly what’s happening’ in the county, and was grateful that it has started evaluating senators seeking re-election.

The Unity Party Vice Chairman for Mobilization said the newspaper’s report can also be buttressed by the incompletion of several projects the Senator has been involved with, naming a few as the Sanoyea school project that has been at a standstill for more than three years, the Gbondoi Clinic project, as well as the Gbenequelleh Midwife Menter, among others, despite receiving county funding to implement the projects.

He said Senator Taylor, who was out of the county for her first eight years in office, increased her stay in the county to campaign for re-election just a year to the process. Mr. Siakor has challenged Senator Taylor and her supporters to show a single project begun, completed and dedicated by the senator for the people of Bong County since her election in 2005.

He urged the people of Bong County to be careful during this time when the senator has started asking for eighteen years with no tangible development to convince the people of Bong County.

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