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Rural News

UP Chief Scribe on quality education

The Secretary General of the ruling Unity Party has disclosed that the party is concerned about equipping young people with specific industry skills to meet employers’ need. Mr. Wilmot Paye said the UP cannot afford an educational system that does not provide people with employment, expressing the belief that the role of the party in promoting education must not be evaluated on the basis of the creation of what he called physical space.

He said the government has achieved quantity, and was now pursuing quality, emphasizing that when the quality is achieved, it would be seen in the conduct of graduates from secondary schools and universities; in the conduct of lawmakers and the legislations they enact, and not the salaries they apportioned for themselves, among others.

Mr. Paye urged young people not to follow the crowd, but be led by their convictions of their country and the passion to serve. He frowned at advocates who criticize systems for their personal gains. Mr. Paye was speaking on the main campus of the Cuttington University recently. He encouraged Liberians to join the government’s efforts in improving the educational sector.

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