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UP claims opposition status

The ruling Unity Party or UP is claiming an opposition status here as it rallies the remaining about 32 per cent of voters who did not vote for neither the UP nor the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC ahead of the November 7 presidential run-off between the two parties.

UP new campaign mobilizer, newly elected Bomi County District #2 Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, formerly of Montserrado District #6 on Tuesday refers to his party as an opposition party while referring to the CDC as the now ruling party while appearing on the Truth Breakfast Show.

Snowe’s comment comes barley a day after UP’s standard bearer Vice President Joseph Boakai told journalists here on Monday that he is in solidarity with opposition parties claiming irregularities in the just ended October 10 polls. Boakai said he is putting together a legal team to advise him on further actions. But he felt short ofd saying if he will pull out of the run-off should he find out that the alleged fraud and irregularities are grave.

It is not clear why Snowe, who appears to have come to the forefront of the UP campaign in his bid to inject some momentum that were absent in the first round would at this stage be referring to CDC as the now ruling party.

But one thing is certain though, the CDC which got around 39 percent of the total votes cast on October 10 compares to the UP 29 percent, continues to receive endorsements from several government officials with unconfirmed speculations that the President’s son Robert Sirleaf has crossed carpet to the CDC.

Snowe, who did not mince words for CDC vice standard bearer Jewel Howard Taylor, the estranged wife of jailed ex-president Charles Taylor said the opposition CDC is currently enjoying a ruling party status, suggesting that if the remaining 32 percent do not rally behind Vice President Baokai Liberia will be headed back to its immediate ugly past.

Snowe alleges that Mrs. Taylor, who is a sitting Senator from the Central Liberian province of Bong County has promised to enlist ex-rebel generals from the Taylor regime into the Armed Forces of Liberia.

“She promised that the CDC will continue with the Taylor agenda,” Snowe said. When challenged by one of the show hosts, that the Taylor’s NPP agenda was vision 2024 which has some good empowering programs for the people of Liberia, Snowe laughed and said “remember, I was once an official of the NPP and I know what I am talking about.”

The UP official admits that CDC standard bearer for whom he campaigned in 2014 against the president’s son Robert Sirleaf for the Montserrado Senatorial seat is a good man but that those surrounding him in his presidential bid are dangerous people who are only using him to ascend to state power.

Snowe said most of the individuals behind Weah, have failed in the past and have only found hope of acquiring public positions on the Weah’s weagon but with no good intention for the country.

He wonders why would Liberian elect a vice president who will not be able to travel or whose presence would prevent much need donor funding to Liberia because of her connection to her ex-husband.

Snowe said it was now time to rescue Liberia from retrogressing and that only a Boakai Presidency offer better forward movement for the country.

By Othello B. Garblah

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