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UP clarifies Ellen’s expulsion rumors

Ruling Unity Party (UP) has strongly condemned rumors circulating in the public that senior members of the party are planning to expel the standard bearer – emeritus, President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf from the party, clarifying that the party’s leadership does not want any form of disunity among members, partisans and Mrs. Sirleaf.

Addressing a news conference over the weekend at the party national headquarters at Oldest Congo Town, UP Montserrado County Youth Wing Chair Mr. Lansana P. Fofana said the decision taken by some aggrieved partisans of the party on 23 November, calling on the National Executive Committee to expel the standard bearer emeritus Mrs. Sirleaf is self – decision, but not a decision of the youth wing.

“We the Unity Party Montserrado Youth Congress condemn, and distance [ourselves] from the protest action that occurred on the 23 of November by some of our disenchanted partisans at the national headquarters,” Mr. Fofana says.

He says the party’ youth wing is of the strongest conviction that these protest actions in these crucial times are … no remedy to solving dissatisfaction or misunderstanding within the party, cognizant of the fact that the UP is at a critical juncture.

The party further clarifies that the protest action at the party headquarters was never carried out by the youth wing of the party, opposed to what is being reported in some local media institutions here.

Meanwhile the UP Montserrado Youth Congress Chair has condemned alleged attacks on two UP senior members, including Senator Commany Wesseh and Rep. Worlea Saywah Dunah, saying the party believes these two Executive Committee members have their right to individual opinions and they should not be demeaned.
“We believe that the UP Standard Bearer Amb. Joseph N. Boakai is an embodiment of peace and unity, as such his bid for the presidency must not be bewildered with conflict and disunity among members of the Unity Party,” the youth leader says.

He adds that as long President Sirleaf remains a member of the Unity Party, she will continue to enjoy the confidence of the Montserrado Youth Congress, saying the UP Youth Congress will not be a party to any act that shows disrespect to the president because she remains a big weigh of the party.

“We condemn all attacks against our President and the two lawmakers who have all brought electoral glory to the party. The fact is the party is a ruling party, and poised to participate in a runoff all because of the progressive developmental leadership of President Sirleaf,” he concludes.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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