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UP descends on Robert Sirleaf

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe governing Unity Party of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has described Montserrado County senatorial candidate, Robert Alvin Sirleaf, as someone, who lacks the moral credibility to get the support of the party in the impending senatorial election slated for December 16th.

Mr. Sirleaf is the eldest son of President Sirleaf, but is contesting for the senate as an Independent candidate.

Addressing a news conference last Friday, 14 November  at the UP headquarters in Congo Town, suburb of Monrovia, the national secretary general of the Unity Party, Wilmot Paye, said the National Executive Committee of the party has not taken, and will take no decision to support Robert Sirleaf.

“We are convinced that while this Sirleaf may have become rich overnight, he lacks the moral credential and credibility to earn our Party’s trust. Therefore, any member (whether local officer or member of the National Executive Committee) pledging support to him is doing so at his or her own risk,” Mr.  Paye said.

According to him, it will be reckless for any member or executive of the Unity Party to support a man whose conduct and activities have the trademark of an affirmed enemy. “Moreover, any member seen or caught undermining any of our candidates will be treated as an enemy of the Unity Party like Robert Sirleaf,” he warned.

Paye alleged that there are marauding bands of individuals with appalling moral deficiencies and nothing to offer, adding that they will be crushed in their mischief.

The UP secretary general noted that the party raised the alarm bell about the creeping tentacles of Robert Sirleaf. “We alerted Liberians and the world to his unacceptable conduct and anti-UP activities and utterances. We complained that he was an emerging monster determined to impose his abominable [will] on our society.”

According to him, as executives, they have every reason to believe that Mr. Sirleaf is determined to undermine the Unity Party. “This he is pursuing religiously; using privileges and resources that he did not have nine years ago. Enough is enough! Either we stop this Sirleaf now, or will plunge Liberia right back into its almost forgotten dark past. This madness has to end,” Paye warned angrily.

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