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UP is incompetent to win a democratic process 

-Chief Cyril Allen 

Former ruling National Patriotic Party of now jailed Ex-President Charles Ghankay Taylor growls here, saying President Joseph Boakai’s ruling Unity Party is unfit to win in a democratic competition despite ascending to the Presidency.  

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh

Monrovia, Liberia, May 17, 2024—The chairman emeritus of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), Cyril Allen, slams the ruling Unity Party-led government for incompetence, saying it lacks the political infrastructure to win a democratic process in a contemporary context.

Addressing partisans of the NPP at its headquarters in Tarr Town, Oldest Congo Town, Monrovia, on Thursday during an official opening of the Party’s refurbished headquarters, Chief Allen said the UP did not win any democratic election here, but rather the people’s dissatisfaction with the non-performance of the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change-led government, so it became an alternative for the country.

According to him, individuals around the country were angry about the CDC’s performances, as CDCians in the Weah-Taylor Administration have been deceptive to themselves, thereby undermining their own administration’s progress.

“Like I said to President Boakai, he shouldn’t think that the Unity Party won any Democratic Process in Liberia; no, they did not win any. The Unity Party did not have the Political Infrastructure to win any Democratic Process in a Contemporary time, but it was the dissatisfaction of individuals around the country about the underperformance by the Coalition government that supported their initiatives as an alternative”, he said.

Currently a member of the (NPP Advisory Committee, Chief Allen urges partisans not to be divided but rather to remain steadfast in supporting the party and its initiatives, noting that the party has come a long way in the political dispensations of Liberia, graduating from stages to stages, and it is about time it re-galvanizes, and gravitates to another level, where they will not degenerate in supporting an existing Political Structure, but to advance to creating a most sophisticated political structure that will win a democratic election in the future.

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“The NPP has come a long way; we have gone through stages, from winning a democratic election, gone through the process of coordinating with other political parties, went through collaborations, and gravitated to a coalition, where we also came out victorious, but it’s about time we alleviate to another level, from collaborations to coalitions, where there is a difference between supporting a political institution and being a part of it. We thought we could maintain our political identities and cooperate between, among other political parties, and have gone through all this. It is time we reenergize and complete our structures from communities to districts and counties level, where we will be able to win a future Presidential election, Chief Allen tells partisans.

For his part, Maryland County Senator James P. Biney, rallied partisans in the rebirth of the NPP.

He urges them to bubble up and know that the dream they dreamed of yesterday is still around, but only with honest effort can they make it a reality.

He admonishes partisans to keep the NPP together by connecting its broken pieces. 

“This party,” Senator Biney underscores, “remains the most consistent grasp of political movement ever in the history of Liberia, and we must hold together to bring our dreams to fruition. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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