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UP Liberia’s political enemy

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The Political Leader of the All Liberian Party, Mr. Benoni Urey, has stressed the urgent need for all political parties to unite against the ruling Unity Party comes 2017. He describes the UP as Liberia’s common political enemies.

Mr. Urey said if such political mindset is embraced by all parties, it wouldn’t only help to overcome their political enemies, but also minimize the abject poverty characterizing the lives of Liberians currently. Speaking Thursday, July 21 at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions or CEIO on Carey Street in Central Monrovia, the ALP Political Leader also expressed his party’s full preparedness to constructively engage anyone or institution when it comes to political debate, further urging every Liberian to never vote for any official of current regime, even if he was not elected.

“Do not vote for any official of current regime even if I am not elected as president. One group of people don’t own this country,” he noted. Urey also used the occasion to urged Liberians not to allow Liberians, who spent all of their life time in the United States of America, to seek the country’s highest office – the Presidency, because they do not recognized the livelihood of citizens back home.

“These people have finish; let push them out come 2017 presidential and legislative elections,” he emphasized. Mr. Urey, also Chairman of the Leone Star MTN Board, clarified that his communication to President Sirleaf did not in any way recommend the cancellation of the three-day free call, but emphasized the loss of revenues by the Government of Liberia.

He indicated that for him and Lone Star, the free calls could be extended to five days, but what matters was revenue for the government to under national projects such as healthcare, road construction, as well as education, among others.

He said it was very important for all GSM Companies operating in Liberia to pay taxes to buttress the government’s revenue intake against the repeating national budget shortfalls.

By: Zee Roberts -Edited by George Barpeen

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