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UP living in dreamland

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it appears like some officials of the fragile ruling Unity Party will not stop at nothing but to continue to live in dream lands.Despite the exodus of members and officials from the dying ruling party officials still claim that deserting members are spies in the camp of opposition parties.

One of such official is the from the party’s- Montserrado County branch. Mr. Ricks Barsi–Giah, a sacked former Assistant Minister for technical Services within the divided ruling party says the party is not worried over the resignation of its members who are joining opposition parties.

He made a laughable claim that some partisans may be crossing carpet on a spy mission within the opposition.  “Some of them may be going on mission you don’t know. Some of them may be like agents to gather information, you don’t know,” he told state broadcaster ELBC during its Super Morning Show on Monday, 8 November, saying he was speaking on condition.

The UP, on whose ticket President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai secured two consecutive terms since the 2005 elections, has seen scores of its members cross-carpeting to opposition parties at a time Mr. Boakai heads the party and seeks the 2017 presidency.

The former Assistant Information Minister for Technical Services of President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf’s government, Mr. Barsi – Giah suggested that some of the ruling party’s members were joining opposition because they think they want to get to other political parties to see how they work.

He remains highly confident that some of the ‘defecting’ UP members will return to campaign for Vice President Boakai, claiming that already some have come back after realizing that nothing was working for them.

He said the UP doesn’t question members when they leave, while describing the party as an organized institution which ranks best among all political institutions here. Mr. Barsi – Giah said the ruling party has nothing against members who may be tired of serving the party and want to serve in different parties, but he thinks “some of these people are going to come back” to the UP.

According to him, the UP sees it as a God-given right for its members choosing to leave and join other parties or form their own parties. Mr. Barsi – Giah argued that reading the resignation letters of UP members, one wouldn’t see any condition attached to justify their departure from the ruling party, criticizing opposition parties for allegedly being disorganized and “robbing themselves” in their own institutions.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by George Barpeen

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