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UP scare of runoff

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The governing Unity Party headed by Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai is increasingly shying away from the November 7 runoff poll with the Coalition for Democratic Change of Senator George Manneh Weah. The UP has struck a new chord here, joining the opposition Liberty Party and the All Liberian Party in calling for a re-run of the October 10th Presidential and Representatives Elections.

This has become more glaring after the leader of the Movement for democracy and Reconstruction Senator Prince Yormie Johnson of Nimba County last week declared his support for Senator Weah in the runoff, a pronouncement that seems to have taken the ruling party off balance. Apparently afraid of a disgraceful defeat at the poll come November 7, the UP is now opting for fresh elections without counting the cost for such process, which could drain this country of every cent and delay its forward march to peace, stability and economic development.

What has even drawn our attention more is that the ruling party had whole heartedly accepted final results of the first round of polls, which placed it in the runoff against the CDC, and its Standard Bearer Vice President Boakai issued a statement recently, promising to form a government of inclusion if elected.

The UP would have to explain to the Liberian electorate what’s led to the abrupt turnaround. Why is it no longer interested in the runoff? Has Joe Boakai seen his own shadow in the dark?

Both the Liberty Party and the All Liberian Party claim there were massive fraud in the first round of polls and are challenging the results thru the law, which is their right. But we’re yet to understand what fish exactly does the ruling party has to fry in this.

It is sending to much mixed signals to the Liberian people amid dwindling public rating that could eventually lead to it capitulation even ahead of the runoff. This is so sad and frustrating. Truly, the UP had shot itself in the leg long since when it embarked on a path of bitter internal fight that has left a self-inflicted split right in the middle with two factions. No political force can go in any serious battle bitterly divided as it were and obtain victory.

We feel for poor Joe Boakai, who is surrounded by poorly prepared and illed-experience politicians with nothing to offer other than blind hatred impregnated with alligator gall, ready to spew at anyone in its way.

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