UP stalwart decries deception

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Former ruling Unity Party (UP’s) Head of Mobilization, businessman Atty. George Kailondo has publicly declared on a local radio here that he is withdrawing completely from politics, having being taught the hard lessons of political deceptions and high spending involved.

“Maybe young people in business would learn from mine mistakes,” Atty. Kailondo said Wednesday, 4 April via a live radio program in Monrovia, and indicated that his experience has taught him a lesson to leave politics to the politicians.

Atty. Kailondo supported former ruling UP’s candidate Mr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai in the 2017 presidential and representatives elections, but the party lost to former opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC’s) candidate, Mr. George Manneh Weah in a runoff.

Following UP’s defeat last year coupled with Kailondo’s own experience that is spending his business money and the deceptions he got from “people,” he has announced that he is now redirecting his thought on just doing business and not politics anymore.

He is now trumpeting a call on those involved in doing business to stand and see how they can work together and develop the private sector.

“Most especially some of us who do not want government jobs. You understand? People who want the government jobs, let them do their own dirty work when it comes to politics,” Atty. Kailondo adds.

He says he now realizes that his [business counterpart] Mr. Siaka Turay owns over 20 gas stations compare to his 10 stations.

He argues that Mr. Turay doesn’t need a job, adding that he (Kailondo) would have also had 20 gas stations today in Liberia like Mr. Turay if he had not paid attention to politics.

“The resources I have put into politics from 2004 till now if I [had] diverted those resources into my business, today I would [have had] more than 20 gas stations across the country,” he says.

Atty. Kailondo notes that he lost track of business as time went by because politics takes much time off your business and makes you to lose focus.

He gives an instance of how he lost track of a branch of his Kailondo Gas Station he intended opening in Dubai after signing a contract with a firm and sent US$25,000 there.

Mr. Kailondo narrates that upon returning to Liberia, he was made head of mobilization in his party, subsequently leading him to lost track of “the good intentions” he had and left the money he paid with the people in Dubai and gave them authorization.

At the political party, he says by the time you get there, his experience is that political slogans are chanted for you and you get carried away upon being given some tasks.

“…Your good intentions you have, you lost track of everything,” he says, adding that you soon start to spend your business money like crazy in the party.

By Winston W. Parley

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