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UP tears Weah’s annual message apart

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition Unity Party (UP) has torn apart President George Manneh Weah’s 5th Annual Message, saying it is characterized by deliberate deceit, premature victory laps and overt partisan rhetoric.

A constituent party within the crumbling Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), the UP says President Weah’s administration continues to fail the people of Liberia while painting a picture that Liberia is a shining city on a hill.

The former ruling party says this is the tactic that the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) – led government has used for three years, adding that President Weah’s 5th Annual Message was a repeat of a previous Annual Message.

Designated by the UP to respond to President Weah’s Annual Message, Mrs. Cornelia Kruah-Thompson, UP’s Assistant Secretary General for Press and Publicity,  accused the president of not being sincere about where the country is.

“But we know the truth: the State of the Nation is not strong. The State of the Nation has never been strong since the president took office,” said Mrs. Kruah – Thompson.

“Maybe when the President talks to his closest advisors that is the image that they paint. Or maybe the President is just not sincere about where the country is. For those of us who talk to ordinary people, we know there is nothing shiny about the city,” she said. 

She argued that from the trash on the street to the insecurity at night, rising cost of education, and inadequate healthcare, the people in this country have been neglected by the President and his government. 

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“Mr. President, leave Jamaica, talk to the people, and come back and let us know what you think about the state of the nation,” Madam Kruah – Thompson continued.

Kruah- Thompson further claimed that the President has more music releases than policy achievements, and he plays more football, basketball and volleyball matches than he went to work in the entire 2021. 

“It is a national embarrassment that we have a President who simply does not care about working. For all the talk about his youthful energy, we have seen nothing to indicate that it is being used for the interest of the country,” Kruah – Thompson lamented.

She claimed further that this government has simply rained hardship and pain nonstop on Liberian people, adding that sadly, President Weah seems to not care.

“We listened with dismay and disappointment as the President’s address on January 24 was grossly insincere, comical and focused on trivialities,” she noted. 

She said President Weah has again wasted a golden opportunity to focus the minds of Liberians and the development partners on the cost of living challenges and herculean tasks of nation-building.

Instead, she said, President Weah has left Liberians more confused and disillusioned about the future of their country. 

“The President stated that his government has no political prisoners but mysterious deaths are on the rise. Professionals died in a car and the President prejudiced the case by alleging that they were boyfriend and girlfriend,” said Kruah – Thompson.

She explained that the boss of the Internal Audit died and Liberians were informed that he fell from his balcony.

She said mysterious deaths all resulted from revenue generating agencies of a government where L$16 billion and U$25 million disappeared in thin air.

“The President yesterday informed us that the Invincible Park Project is 100% funded by him but later on states that NASSCORP, NPA and Maritime supported the project. This confirms that our pension money is being used to fund projects that President Weah would boast of as his personal projects.”

Earlier in an introductory statement, UP Secretary General Mr. Mo Ali said the Unity Party’s decision to designate Madam Kruah – Thompson to respond to the Annual Message follows the footstep of legal democracy of the mother and father of all democracies in the world, the United States.

“We witness the United States’ consistent promotion of upcoming politicians that they called” future stars … We are now copying that and we will continue on that path,” he said.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/pres-weah-reports-growth-at-3-6-percent/

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