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UP wants Tyler out

The governing Unity Party says it supports a leadership change in the House of Representatives, noting that indicted House Speaker Alex Tyler has lost legitimacy, the confidence of his colleagues and the public trust.

UP wants

A press statement released here Wednesday, 17 August under the signatures of Eugene Lenn Nagbe, National Secretary General and Wilmot J.M. Paye, National Chairman says the UP is concerned about unfolding developments in the House of Representatives which has become a stumbling block to progress, development and good governance in the country.

The party says its position is based on several rounds of consultation with national stakeholders, party executives and its legislators in the House of Representatives. It added that unlike positions taken by other political parties which were motivated largely by sentiments and other narrow considerations, the UP recognizes that precious and valuable time and resources are being wasted and/or misdirected while critical governance issues are left un attended.

“With such irrefutable loss of confidence in the leadership of the Speaker by his fellow members, we have no iota of doubt that a new leadership will work to restore public confidence and thereby normalize legislative functions”, the release reads.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the UP has mandated all its members of the House of Representatives to place the national interest above individual, sectional and “block” interest by adhering to the tenets of democratic good governance and support the party’s position.

“We have come to the recognition that the situation in the House of Representatives is undermining the implementation of the national development agenda of the country with about sixteen months left before the end of this tenure. The continuous bickering also has negative implications for the 2017 presidential and legislative elections and the propensity to undermine national stability”, the ruling party said.

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Speaker Tyler, who is facing criminal indictment along with several current and ex-officials, has been under pressure from some his colleagues in the lower House to recuse himself from presiding over sessions until he can be exonerated from all charges.

But he has persistently resisted with support from a Pro-Tyler bloc, arguing that the call is illegal, a stalemate that has resulted to two factions in the lower House, holding separate legislative functions.

Tyler defiantly hosted a news conference Tuesday and maintained that he will not step aside as the decision whether to recuse himself or not is purely voluntary. He had earlier sought an injunction from the Supreme Court to halt the Anti-Tyler lawmakers from conducting separate sessions. Press release

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