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UP warns Supreme Court

As Liberians mainly partisans and supporters of the Liberty Party await the Supreme Court to render final decision in the case involving its Vice Standard Bearer, Harris Karnwea regarding the Code of Conduct or CoC for public officials, the ruling Unity Party (UP) is seriously warning the court not to temper with the law of the country, specifically the CoC.

UP National Chairman Wilmot Paye, claims there are rumors that the court is about to temper with the law. Recently, the National Elections Commission or NEC denied Liberty Party Vice Standard Bearer Karnwea nomination on the basis of the Code of Conduct, which led the party to run to the Supreme Court for redress.

The court has however told the NEC to prove Karnwea’s ineligibility thereby exposing some errors by the NEC in handling the Liberty Party’s issue. Though he says the information yet to be authenticated, but Chairman Paye laments, “As we speak, the Supreme Court is listening to cases. It will be unfair to you if we ended our remarks of Liberians and those who make up that Supreme Court Bench. We are hearing and we are concerned that efforts are being made, we don’t know how credible the sources are to temper with the law of this Republic. If the Supreme Court rules otherwise changing its earlier opinion few months ago, that will be the first Supreme Court of this Republic to have changed its opinion.”

According to him, at the Temple of Justice, there is a statute of a woman, who is blind which means that justice is blind, noting that they are hoping that the current bench of the court which has had some of its members allegedly holding political discussions will not desecrate the sanctity of the country’s judicial system.

He says he expects nothing else but justice as required, narrating that the Unity Party knowing very well its standard bearer is one of the three signatories to the Code of Conduct did not breach the law by submitting any nominee that is affected by the law and they also expect others to do likewise.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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