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“UP will not reach second round”

Opposition Alternative National Congress or ANC Chairman Mr. Orishall Gould has predicted here that the ruling establishment will not make it to the second round after the October legislative and presidential elections.

“It doesn’t appear to me that the ruling party will make it to the second round of the elections if there is a runoff. But I do believe that we the opposition will surely win”, ANC Chairman Mr. Orishall Gould said Thursday, 9 March on the Truth Breakfast Show at Truth 96.1 Fm in Paynesville.

The opposition ANC says it is confident of taking state power in the upcoming elections, while ruling out the possibility of the ruling Unity Party or UP reaching the second round if there will be a runoff election.

Chairman Gould narrated that it was about time that the opposition bloc here takes state power to bring the much needed change desired by the Liberian people.

The ANC executive has suggested that if the UP will reach the second round of the elections, then it will be the decision of the Liberian people to give the ruling party a third term.

While voicing his “respect” for the ruling UP on grounds that it has got something that the ANC hasn’t gotten yet, Mr. Gould, however, insisted that the ruling party will not get to the run off.

When quizzed whether the ANC is willing to combine forces with other political parties, the chairman responded that the ANC is a very responsible and law abiding party that is always opened to forming merger with other opposition aimed at bringing change to the people.

He said if the opposition must take state power, the best way forward was to form alliances.

Though Mr. Gould says the ANC does not share the same view with other political parties, he however said the party remains opened to anyone to have the job done in the interest of the Liberian people.

In concluding, Mr. Gould denied claims that the ANC was engaged in some irregularities during the voter’s registration exercise. He noted that the ANC has achieved about 85 to 90 percent of its target in the
upcoming elections, and will not want to get itself involved in things that will disrupt the peace that every citizen enjoys.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Winston W. Parley


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