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UPP sold to Wento?

Two executives of the opposition United People’s Party or UPP have been accused of allegedly selling the UPP to Mr. McDonald Wento now Standard Bearer of the party.

Mr. George Brown and others were elected in 2005 in Greenville, Sinoe County, during the party 4th National Congress empowering them to conduct the affairs of the party and presents the corps of officials to be elected to partisans of the party which was violated by former Senator Blamo Nelson and T. Q Harris.
Brown made these revelations when he spoke on Wednesday, 22nd March to this paper in Monrovia.
The disgruntle official of the party also disclosed that news about the sale of the party was made to him by the National Treasure Blamo Nelson and Secretary General T.Q. Harris during a meeting they held with him at the party’s National Headquarters in Sinkor.
According to Brown, the two executives of the party told him that Mr. McDonald Wento now Standard Bearer of the UPP gives US$12,000.000 to the party to be elected.
He also quotes the two men as saying that out of the money, US$10,000.00 was deposited into the party’s bank account in line with the guidelines of the National Elections Commission or NEC.
He added that the balance US$2,000.00 was expanded on acquiring a new party office (which currently house the party), furniture and the painting of the office.

He maintained that the entire transaction was done without approval of the party’s senior partisan, Dr. Marcus D.G. Dahn who is presently in the United States of America for medical treatment.
He disclosed that decision to give the party to Mr. Wento was unconstitutional because there were no turn over from previously elected officials and that the so-called newly elected executives were elected in violations of the Sinoe County resolutions which is binding on the party.
He claimed that he and dozens of grass rooters of the UPP living in various parts of the country are preparing to file a law sue at the Supreme Court of Liberia to revoke the so-called elections that elected and endorsed Wento and others as officials of the party.
Political commentators closely watching the ongoing saga within the party are of the strongest convections that the UPP entire deal could be revoke by the Supreme once evidence shows that the guidelines of the 4th congress was violated by the officials.
They also said that the party chances of participation in the 2017 presidential and legislative elections is in danger should Brown sue the party at the Supreme Court which has the constitutional responsibility to interpret the laws of Liberia.
When contacted Wednesday, 22 March, Mr. Blamo Nelson confirmed the allegation but said that it was a good thing that they official spent the money to show accountability and transparency.
He said that Mr. George Brown is not an official of the UPP as he claimed to be and was never a delegate to the party’s recently held congress in the Borough of New kru Town that brought Mr. Wento as UPP’s Standard Bearer.-Edited by Othello B. Garblah


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