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UP’s Headache

As the 2011 general and presidential elections draws nearer and maintaining my position that madam Sirleaf is the best presidential candidate for now, I feel so guilty if my observations and disappointments in our standard bearer and some handpicked executive of the old Unity party are not mentioned for ratification by our knew merger.

I have been calculating properly how to approach this situation as a partisan before it is blown out of proportion as it is usually done by job seekers. There are many partisans today who champion their deceitful strike actions through other unprepared and bandwagon Partisans, who are always, band to be more frustrated when those inconsistent partizans are compensated with jobs because of their, (The Frustrated Partisans) usage.

For some of them who have tried over the years to have us aligned with these actions because of their personal aggrandizement, failed in their quest for this heavily losing battle, because we now know that our president today and some hand full of elite partisans of the old order Unity party, who cannot pull even a quarter of the Liberians vote but used us to do so, are still unreasonably determined today and forever not to appreciate people who stood in rain and sun for them, people who risk their lives to travel to every part this Country for this Presidency, people who families could not eat on time because of this presidency, people who left their jobs, businesses and educational programs for semesters for this leadership, people who gave their words as guarantee because of their integrities in this Country, only for this Presidency.

Before I come to the few ,but special counts on my standard bearer and our president, please let it be clearly known to my fellow partisans and all Liberians, that I have not come into the press to insult the president like other young Liberians do and gets compensated with jobs, nor in the process of being used by politician. My family as you may want to do your research has always been peaceful. Before and after the civil crisis, we have been processed from good schools and home with proper traditional and moral values that cannot permit us to insult a Mother, especially of responsible children, only for jobs or any political reason even besides her being a president. The records are there. Doing this will be a betrayer to my family. Let it also be known that all my disappointments in our standard bearer will not be revealed because I am a partisan of the ruling Unity Party who will continue to articulate the reasons why Madam Sirleaf should be our President for now.

While it is true that some of the president’s actions maybe assumed to be oversights, I will want you to understand that knowing the kind of President we have, ninety percent of her actions are conscious based on her political history in this Country, her educational history in and around the World and her achievements Nationally and Internationally. I am not drawing you to a point of agreeing with me that what we consider oversights are deliberate, all I am trying to get you involved into is thinking objectively for the sake of the Nation.

1. The president’s first discouragement to Partisans of the Unity Party that I took note of, but was overlooked because of the earliness of this leadership, was the pronouncement at her residence, when she told Partisans who have struggled to make her dream a reality in a first joint courtesy call meeting that this victory was not for the Unity party. This statement in my view was harsh, but overlooked because during the campaign the president was at sometimes jovial, maybe because the power was still in route. Now the statement is in effect fully. Take your time to ask a sincere partisan of the old Unity Party from the struggle even if he/she has a job now.

2. The second assumed oversight from our President was when she brought people of her time who are always assumed to her as the best in this Country, but failed her at all levels. Although she knew that almost all of them have past their level of competence and not strong like her, but she continue up to present forcing these conserve group of people in high offices. This very unfriendly and self center group of people has no regard for anybody besides their children and generation. 95% of them never stepped here to campaign or vote but always intimidate partisans who stood in rain and sun to make this dream real, that they were the ones supporting the campaign from abroad. Are their actions in various institutions of work proofing in any way to you that they had money to support any process here while they were abroad? Since that was the reality, Now that they are in the country for the coming elections, we know their existence on ground with their money will have us sweep the elections, so let us, (Unity Party Partisans) go to bed and sleep.

Kindly permit me to give you names of few institutions where these egotistic failures were imposed, but are now making great improvements because of the constraints the President has been faced with nationally to change them and bring new breed of professionals who have contemporary experiences, with most of them being a part of the struggle that brought this leadership to power and knowing the environment; Take a look at the NPA before and now, if you ever visited the LPRC before please go there now and see the working relationship, Please look at the Information Ministry before Bropleh’s appointment and see it from his appointment up to present, Please take a look at the LEC before and now, please visit the LWSC and know why the MD was suspended, please see the FDA signing bigger contracts now with Logs at various ports, regional offices being speedily renovated, various companies inputting commercial logging equipments. Take a look at the GSA now. Where were all these developments when the 1970 experts were there? If that will continue to be the case, then it is better that all schools in the country be perpetually closed so that we can worship these assumed sophisticatedly qualified elites.

3. Another assumed mistake by the president was when the executive Mansion got partially burned. Upon our Government’s ascendency, the hope of all our County leaderships and almost all our axillaries were dampened, because they became unqualified after the elections. They were qualified to convince voters, but not qualified to handle even County offices after the process.

Her remark after the partial burning of the Mansion was that it was now time to bring around people that she knew. What she actually intended saying was “people she knows at all levels cannot do anything wrong to her”. Why will people who sincerely serve and pray for you be the ones to always be conditionally compensated when you are faced with constraints?

I am sorry to give you this example that is high to understand. I am further sorry to give you this particular example that may sound embarrassing to the person mentioned.

Is it imaginable, after a successful electoral process to see a Women Wing chairlady of a ruling party selling in restaurant, only to be compensated few years to election with a little job after pressure from political party Women groupings in and around the world? We are saying this with clear minds and not a made up story because we were all in the struggle together.

I do not hate my standard bearer, but she’s now the president who cannot be reached so easily. Some of us consider ourselves adjusted partisans and not aggrieved as pronounced by others. We will continue to be in the vanguard of President Sirleaf re-election, not only because we are partisans, but even the opposition parties have not shown up to be responsible enough. All we want at our age after all these wasted years is a stable environment that will permit us to live freely.

Therefore fellow Liberians, as I rest, it is my pray that all Liberians join the Unity Party family in the re-election of Madam Sirleaf. This is our only alternative now. We have suffered for so long to make wrong decision.

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