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Urey clarifies report on real estates

Businessman-turned Presidential hopeful Benoni Webster Urey clarifies here that two real estates in the United States bearing his name are not actually his, but his daughter’s. Speaking to the New Dawn on Monday, 18 September he further clarifies that the estates, one located at 8500 Goshen View Drive with a current value of $562,400.00 and another in Silver Spring located at 3000 Parker Avenue valued at $268,300 in the State of Maryland, the United States were actually purchased in 1981 by his sister Linda Urey, and subsequently acquired by his daughter, also based in the United States.

This paper did not establish which of his daughter, Mr. Urey said the properties in question were never placed under the UN assets freeze because they were acquired long before the Liberian civil war.

Earlier reports gathered by this paper indicate that the properties were purchased between 1999 and 2000, the same period when Mr. Urey served as Commissioner of the Liberia Bureau of Maritime now Liberia Maritime Authority. But Mr. Urey, who is vying for the presidency in the upcoming elections as standard bearer of his own All Liberian Party (ALP) says the estates were acquired long before the Taylor regime, which spanned from 1997 to 2003.

Mr. Urey was placed on United Nations travel ban along with several other close associates of Mr. Taylor after the ex-president and warlord was indicted and subsequently arrested by the UN-backed Special Court of Sierra Leone for supporting RUF rebels.However, the UN removed his name from travel ban subsequently and declared him a peaceful Liberian who poses no threat to the country’s stability, a declaration that inspires him to run for the presidency.

He clarifies that the properties in the United States were never included on the UN sanction list.The ALP strong man laments that too long Liberia has suffered bad leadership, thereby leaving the citizens to suffer despite the presence of huge natural resources, so he is seeking the presidency to fix the country’s problems.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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