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Urey’s man fights back

The National Chairman of Benoni Urey’s All Liberia Party or ALP has vowed that even a “group of saints from holy terrain” cannot help Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai in his quest for the Liberian presidency in the 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections.

ALP Chairman Emmanuel Lomax attributed his assertion to the failure of the Unity Party-led government which Vice President Boakai is second in command. Chairman Lomax described the disappointments attributed to the current regime as very huge and fresh in the minds of the Liberian people and as such, the voting population may not consider him as head of the country.

“The opposition comes together or not, Vice Boakai cannot be elected as president. Even saints from holy terrain cannot help him for the presidency; since I’m a Christian, “only Jesus Christ” could change the story. The collapse of this government is huge and irreparable for Liberians to give the country to Vice President Boakai,” said when he spoke with the NewDawn Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at his Old Road ALP office in Monrovia.

Lomax indicated that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration has been a disappointment to Liberians who entrusted her with their confidence, through ballot-casting, thus bringing her to state power.

According to him, the Unity Party government cannot show any tangibles for close to ten years, noting that corruption, high rate of unemployment, poverty, dishonesty and high rate illiteracy have been the hall-mark of the government.

The ALP Chairman also indicated that merger arrangements with other political parties were very important, but noted that many of the opposition parties were afraid of each other. He said the opposition bloc was in a difficult position to form a common front against the ruling establishment.

Presuming the opposition bloc to come together, he emphasized, the 2017 elections will be won by an opposition party – and that party will be his ALP. “The Unity Party and the Vice President Boakai will not succeed in the elections because the Liberian people have decided to vote against the Unity Party candidate,” he claimed, saying the ALP has overtaken the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC as the main opposition. Supporting his argument further, Lomax maintained that the newly formed ALP has established bases in some of the nation’s most remote parts, including Butuo in Nimba County, Vaihun in Lofa County and Bokongeleh in Grand Kru County, while the CDC was only a Monrovia based political party.

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Commenting on the resignation of his National Secretary General, Mr. George Wootor, Lomax then differed with media reports that Mr. Wootor resigned because of the “dictatorial policy” of the ALP Political Leader, Benoni Urey, clarifying that the former chief scribe resigned for personal reasons.

According to Lomax, the letter of resignation presented to him only said that Mr. Wootor resigned for personal reason. Lomax also refuted allegations that Mr. Urey was denied entry visa to the United States, intimating that Mr. Urey was currently in Canada with the intention of visiting the United States to meet with high profile individuals on the 2017 elections.

“Mr. Urey has not applied for the US entry visa yet. I was in the United States arranging his meetings with several high profile individuals. He’s currently in Canada and he’s due here over the weekend for the Lofa County by-election, following which he will be traveling to the US for political meetings ahead of 2017,” he said.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by George Barpeen

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