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US-based group targets 15 Liberian children for scholarship

Sweat Equity Athletic and Leadership Development based in America has launched a scholarship scheme for 15 youths in Montserrado County.

The project was launched last Thursday, January 5, 2022, in electoral District # 9, Montserrado county.

Executive Director Pitman Kennedy said the scholarship will identify and fund the education of young people to prepare them for the future.

Mr. Kennedy believes that if young people can maintain high academic performance and at the same time exercise leadership ability within a year, they might even get additional assistance, including uniforms, depending on their respective needs.

“Each kid that gets the scholarship for an academic year gets a 100 percent payment and some of them might even get additional compensation like uniforms, depending on their needs,” he noted

He said his vision is to build the capacity of young people in Liberia so they too can provide the same assistance to the new batch of young people that will emerge. 

“My goal is for them to be empowered so that they too can do the same, and that way we will improve our communities Every young child you see here is going to have their tuitions paid by a scholarship through Sweat Equity Athletic and Leadership Development for at least a year, and some of them beyond.”

Commenting further on the organization’s activities, he revealed that there’s a project team already set up in Liberia to craft criteria for the scholarship.

He said this is the official launch of the project in Liberia, but in the United States, they have been during this for about seven years.

He expressed passion for developing young people to make sure that there’s a legacy after he departs the world.

“I want from little Romeo here to say tomorrow that there’s a guy who gives me hope and opportunity to be who I am today. And he too can be able to provide the same hope to other young Liberians, who will be coming after.”

CEO Kennedy explained that in order to benefit from the scholarship, candidates must first be able to possess good character, academic excellence, and leadership development.

He called on young people that were selected to continually embrace academic excellence so that they will be able to maintain the scholarship. 

According to him, due to limited funds, they are only working with 15 children from Montserrado, but in the nearby future, kids from rural Liberia will be added to the program.

“I have my business in the States and sometimes I take the proceed from my business to run this program, but if we get more funding, we will extend the program in the rural parts of Liberia”, Mr. Kennedy promised.

Therefore, he says he’s going back to talk with his team from the US to help him in building the capacity of young librarians back home.

“So, when I go back to the USA, my Team on that side is going to help me build these different capacities, so we’re going to work with the team in Liberia to identify these areas. Those are the things we are looking for in the nearby future.”

He stressed that the act of leaving a legacy is very important, “because when you are gone, these are the things that you are going to be remembered for. So many kids’ lives I’ve touched and they are going to be remembered by that when I’m gone.”

Meanwhile, beneficiaries of the program applauded Mr. Kennedy for the opportunity that has been provided to them and at the same time pledged to maintain academic performance and good leadership as he has emphasized.

The project manager here in Liberia, Ms. Princess Kpeh, and a mother of one of the beneficiaries, Christian Fahnbulleh said, looking at the economic condition of most parents in sending their children to school, the project will provide relief.

She expressed hope that parents will take advantage of the opportunity and push their children to maintain the opportunity, which according to her, will ease some of the many challenges they face daily. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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