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US-based Liberian calls on Weah’s government to speedily investigate reported killings here

A Liberian professional based in the US state of Minnesota is calling on the Liberian government to swiftly intervene to stop the wanton killing of his countrymen and women.
Mr. Austin Fallah, a financial and data analytics expert, also wants president George Weah’s government to speedily investigate all recent killings of innocent Liberians and prosecute those involved without delay and favoritism.

The software, public administration, and strategic management expert said that Liberians at home and those who frequent the country were living on the edge for fear that their relatives or friends could be the next victims.

Mr. Fallah made the call over the weekend at the Handz-On-Beauty Barbershop in Brooklyn Center, where Liberians of various political and religious backgrounds gather each weekend to discuss unfolding developments in Liberia.

The economic and business administration consultant frustratingly told his audience that he could not fathom in this day and age why Liberia was retrogressing to its dark days when innocent people, primarily women, and children, were murdered, and justice could not be sought for the victims.

Mr. Fallah, president of Hamline University Graduate Student Association (H++), also spoke against some unscrupulous individuals’ blatant disregard for state resources, which, he said, was significantly affecting the country’s development.

 The former chairman of Team Gongloe -USA Minnesota said he could not believe that “something” that belongs to every Liberian was being plundered by a few people.

 On why he has not returned home to contribute his quota to the development of his birth country, Mr. Fallah said he had been academically preparing himself for a better and prosperous Liberia.

He observed that President Weah comes from his generation, which has professionals capable of helping him to lead the country.

However, Mr. Fallah said, the president was yet to tap into the pool of professional Liberians in the diaspora who are ready to help rescue the country.

The Hamline University Master of Law student also blamed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for her failure to pull Liberians out of the dungeons and gutters of poverty.

He said the former president was part of the problems affecting the country because she did not investigate and prosecute those corrupt elements that were in her administration.

Mr. Fallah then used the occasion to appeal to his compatriots to remain committed to peace and not allow anyone to divide them again as a people and as a nation.

 On the issue of the upcoming 2023 elections, the influential community leader said, “I will again call on my people to vote for those who have clean records of public service in both past and the current administrations.”

In concluding his statement, Mr. Fallah encouraged Liberians “not to give up hope” that “there is a better tomorrow coming for all Liberians and foreign residents in Liberia where the nation will see freedom of speech, press, movement, and financial independence.”


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