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US$1,500 Campaign Launched in Fiamah

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Residents of Fiamah Community and marketers of 20th Street Sinkor, were seen in jubilation when the management of Zoomlion, one of the biggest waste management companies in the country launched a cleanup campaign in the community. The management of Zoomlion Liberia Inc. said the campaign is valued at US$1,500.

Zoomlion took the streets and the entire community with sweeping, collection of waste products including garbage bags, feces, clearing of unwanted products, disinfestation, food hygiene and later sprayed the entire market building of Fiamah Community.

Speaking to reporters following the cleanup exercise recently in Monrovia, the head of Zoomlion Liberia, Mr. Daniel Martey said the exercise is intended to give the people of that community good air and to help their children live a happier life.

According to Mr. Martey, the exercise is also in fulfillment of the company’s social responsibility to the country and its people. The Ghanaian-owned company, which is currently honoring a contract with the Monrovia City Corporation or MCC, also has plans to carry out similar cleanup exercises throughout Monrovia.

Mr. Martey said the Fiamah Community has suffered for long from unclean environment so his management deems it necessary to start their cleanup operations from there. Also commenting on the exercise cleanup, the chairman of Fiamah Mr. Joseph Dunor said it has brought some relief to residents of the community.

He indicated that the community has been in total “mess” for the past two years due to the failure of the Liberia Water Sewer Corporation management and the Liberian Government to properly manage feces site near the area, which is commonly known as “Pupu Factory.”

He said  on several occasions, the leadership of the community had contacted the management of LWSC and the government, but there has been no appropriate response in handling the matter with due diligence.

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