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US$185,000 Earth-Moving Equipment for Grand Gedeh

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Three earth moving equipment have been purchased and cleared from the Freeport of Monrovia for Grand Gedeh County. One MAC Dump Truck, a Caterpillar and Motor Grater equipment are intended to foster development and connect farm to market roads in the county.

Clearing the machines from the Freeport of Monrovia, Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Chris Bailey said the equipments were purchased from the county 2008 / 2009 budget. He said the total cost of the equipments is put at a little over one hundred and eight-five thousand United States Dollars.

Superintendent Bailey said the delay of the machines to be clear from the Port prompted some citizens in the county to criticize him and accused him of being involved in Administrative financial malpractices.

He said with the presence now of these equipments, more roads are going to open in grand Gedeh County that will help to connect people to their farms and market places. He added that it will also help to promote the PRS by creating more jobs for the people of Grand Gedeh.

Speaking to this paper at the Freeport clearing sight, the Grand Gedeh Superintendent said putting a freeze on the county development funds by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will not stop the maintenance and operations of the machines. He said the county will use its own limited resources to gas and maintain the equipments.

It can be record that recently a group in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to thoroughly investigates Superintendent Chris Bailey. The citizens accused the Superintendent of Administrative financial malpractices.

The Chairman of the concerned citizens told Madam Sirleaf during her visit in the southeast that Superintendent Bailay was in the habit of scaring the citizens on grounds he‘s a  confidant of the President. Mr. Ninneh Zoko Suah also alleged that the superintendent was over time unilaterally withdrawn huge sums of money from the county development fund.

Mr. Suah told the president the projects for which Superintendent Bailay allegedly withdrew the money were not visible.

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