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US$9,950 stirs controversy in Bong County

Bong County officials have begun a blame game over the purported payment of US$9,950 to a local vender Moses Manston by County Superintendent Esther Walker. Both Superintendent Walker and Mr. Manston have denied knowledge of the amount, with the Superintendent vowing to launch an investigation into the matter.

The money in question was meant to obtain a mower for the Presidential Palace in Gbarnga and the Superintendent’s compound from US$75,000 which was allotted as “administrative budget” during the 2018 County Council Sitting.

Documents in the possession of the local media in Bong County suggest that the amount was paid to the Hin-Dweh business center on 31 January 2020, but the business Manager Manston says he has no knowledge about the money.

However he indicates that he has over the past time transacted business with the county administration. “It is true that I have transacted with the county’s leadership, but not in such amount of money,” he adds.
Bong County Superintendent Walker promises to set up an investigative team to probe the matter.

Superintendent Walker who is signatory to the county’s account has maintained that if such amount was given for grass cuter, she doesn’t know about it. Madam Walker barely talks to journalists when she is questioned about the money as she has on several occasion been heard describing the situation as nonissue.

For his part, Paul A. Sulonteh, Bong County Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs in a recent interview with our correspondent alleged that the county administration on the alleged order of Superintendent Walker paid the money to Mr. Manston.

“I am not telling you they say, I am telling you that the money was paid for that machine but Manston and the … superintendent we have can better explain what happened,” he alleges.

Mr. Sulunteh who is also signatory to the account says he has documents to prove that the money was paid to Mr. Manston on the instructions of the superintendent.

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By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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