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USAID-EHELD program boosts staff

The USAID-EHELD project has contracted several foreign faculties to teach at the Universities of Liberia and Cuttington the new adopted educational curriculum developed by both Universities in collaboration with the USAID-EHELD project in the areas of Agriculture and Engineering.

The Chief of Party of the program, Yarkpazuo Kolva, said besides the Engineering and Agriculture programs, the project is also sending some of the beneficiaries for advanced training abroad.

Speaking at a brief opening ceremony of a new Research Triangle Institute’s office facilities on the Old Road, the Chief of Party of the USAID-EHELD project Mr. Kolva said the project will soon be joined by three beneficiaries of the EHELD program, who recently completed advanced studies abroad to form part of the faculty.

He said under the program, it mandatory that those studying abroad return and join hands with the present EHELD faculty to strengthen activities of the project in  Liberia.

He said the project is eager to ensure that teaching staff seriously considers gender issues in the preparation of lessons, relationship, class participation, and gender challenges arising in the classroom as well as how to address them.

Mr. Kolva said during assessment trainings and workshops, issues like females not performing well in the classroom are cardinal during discussions, including measures that should be put in place to deal with such the issues to get females on track with their lessons.

He said as a result of the gender sensitivity concern, a peer support program named and style: Girls Engineering Society has been established at the University of Liberia to deal with engineering and social issues that might have negative consequences on the learning process of female students.

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Mr. Kolva said in an effort to have full concentration on the project, the new facilities on the Old Road is located in a modern office complex where reliable internet system are available to be used by guests of the project, including local and international staff.

The USAID-EHELD project is in its third year phase of a five-year USAID funded higher education project for Liberians pursuing studies in the fields of Agriculture and Engineering both at Cuttington University and the University of Liberia.

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