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Use your skills to create jobs

-Weah tells UL graduates

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President George M. Weah has told over 3800 new graduates of the state run University of Liberia to use their newly acquired skills to create jobs rather than being seeking them.

Speaking as a visitor to the university on Wednesday December 11, during its centennial graduation exercise, President Weah caution graduates not to depend on the job market.

“You must therefore come into the world, using these skills, not as job seekers, but as job creators. You must deploy these skills as entrepreneurs, and innovators,” Mr. Weah said, adding “…you must not depend on a job market, that in practical terms can never absorb all of you.”

About a total of 3600 students, the largest in a single ceremony graduated from the University of Liberia on Wednesday. The number includes over 3000 undergraduates, the rest from the Graduate and Professional Studies.

President Weah told the students that they have “fought a good fight,” and it was a very long and hard race to the finish line.

“But this ending is not an end in itself. Rather, this ending provides the opportunity for a new beginning. We have learned today that you are the largest graduating class in the 100-year history of this Institution. The world awaits you, in your numbers,” he said.

He said it was now time for the graduates to apply the complex skills intellectual agility, creativity, and acquired a capacity for innovation.

To the graduating students of the Graduate School and Professional Studies president Weah said “… you must not depend on a job market, that in practical terms can never absorb all of you. Rather, you must seek to create opportunities in the space of your chosen specializations, to carve out a niche for yourself, where you can not only become self-employed, but where you will eventually create employment for others, who have not been as fortunate as yourself in acquiring these skill-sets..”

President Weah earlier renewed his government’s support to the state run university saying “I strongly believe that education is the key that can unlock the full potential of a nation and its people. It is a force that can change our common destiny for the better, and propel a country to progress and prosperity.”

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