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V.P. Boakai donates US$2,000 to NUSA

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has provided US$2,000 to the Nimba University Student Association or NUSA in response to request from the group for financial assistance.

Making the presentation on behalf of Vice President Boakai on Monday, 18 April in Monrovia, Nimba County electoral district # 9 Representative, R. Matenokay Tingban, said, if Liberia could only open her eyes in making decisions that will benefit her for tomorrow, the country could be far ahead in terms of development, saying the “first step to self-discipline is realization to overcome your weaknesses and we as citizens if we want to wake up from our mystery, there is need to make genuine decisions.”

“I have worked with the Vice President on many occasions, and I see him as someone who can transform this country as evidenced by his past activities; his track record has proven it loud and clear that he’s capable of steering the affairs of this country; he is a very patriotic and nationalistic character who has always think about Liberia, and how to develop this country”, the lawmaker showered praises on Ambassador Boakai, who is seeking the Presidency in 2017.

Rep. Tingban quoted Vice President as saying, if you want to be President and you don’t think and develop love for Liberia then you will not have the determination to develop this country. He said many times people accused the Vice President of not talking, saying “Then I throw it back to them, asking them to show me the first vice president that can talk; how many of you know or hear the names of Vice Presidents in West African? Nobody because such position is completely quiet. When you are there, you don’t talk; whenever you talk, you put yourself in trouble. You only go with the agenda of the President; you’re serving as secret advisor that’s all”.

He also noted that Vice President Boakai once said, you cannot test a racing car in the garage, but rather on the road, so he cannot be in such position and the public expects him to talk as his voices will not be heard at the top level.

Meanwhile, the Nimba University Student Association has pledged its unwavering support to VP Boakai’s bid for the presidency in 2017. NUSA is a student’s group comprises of young males and females hailing from Nimba County that are attending the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University on Benson Streets in Monrovia.

Members of NUSA say their support for the Vice President stems from his tireless efforts in helping to reduce poverty in the Liberian society, including his track records and high quality of leadership demonstrated over the years.

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But student Emmanuel Zorh said the fact that the Vice President provided US$2 to the group, does not mean every member supports him becoming the next President of Liberia, saying “I am the student leader, but I cannot make decision for them because he gave 2,000; what if another person brings 5,000, who should we pledge our support to, then we’re not going to create danger for ourselves. Everyone has his or her choice; this is something that we will have to discuss as an organization and work with our Leader, Hon. Tingba who is in the county in supporting the Vice President in the 2017 elections. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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