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Via Town land dispute intensifies

Residents and passersby remained edgy in Via Town community on Bushrod Island on Monday, 26 October when two families were locked in claims and counter-claims over ownership of a building in the heavily congested commercial community.

The dispute is between the Kamara and Wahab families, who both are claiming ownership of the premises, which contains a three-storey building.  Mamadee P. Kamara, who identified himself as a representative of the Kamara family, narrated that a 1980 ruling from the Supreme Court of Liberia gave the property to the Kamaras.

Mamadee continued that the family subsequently leased the land for 60 years to a businessman, but the investor became bankrupt and could not pay the rental so the family went to court and received go ahead to take full possession of the property

However, he said to their surprise, the Wahab Family is claiming ownership of the premises. He added that each time the Supreme Court calls both parties for hearing, the Wahabs failed to appear. But Mrs. Grace Wahab, said she and her entire family, including husband, father and mother had lived in the community since the administration of slain President Samuel K. Doe in the 80s till now.

According to her, her husband’s father had been leasing the building to people not until few days ago when the Murphy family came to them and claimed ownership so they told the family to go to court to establish ownership of the land.

Madam Wahab added that her husband received call from an unknown police officer only identified as 116, asking them to produce documents or deed to the property, but he refused and told the police he would only produce his deed in the court.

 By Bridgett Milton- Edited by Jonathan Browne

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