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Victims of Kpolokpalai massacre remembered

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The Universal Peace Federation has broken grounds for the erection of a palaver hut in Kpolokpalai town, Jorquelleh District #2. Kpolokpalai experienced one of the worst massacres in Liberia during the years of Liberian crisis.

In 1994, more than 500 inhabitants and internally displaced persons or IDPs seeking refuge in the town were brutally hacked to death by the Liberia Peace Council of headed by its leader George Boley.

Universal Peace Federation Ambassador Beverly Goll-Yekeson, giving an overview of the project last Wednesday- National Unification Day- said after three visits to the town, the citizens agreed to construct a palaver hut to settle their disputes.

The International Peace Ambassador noted that her organization was also considering placing a Day-Care in the Palaver Hut to help school- going kids in the town. Madam Goll-Yekeson outlined the importance of education, especially to a town that has turned away from the past in rebuilding their lives.

The Palaver Hut, she said, will be constructed over the rock used to slaughter hundreds of Liberian fleeing the 1994 fall of Gbarnga in Central Liberia. Officially breaking grounds for the project was Nimba County Representative Ricks Y. Toweh, who appealed to the citizens to always put their sorrowful path aside and move forward.

The Chairman on Peace, Religion and National Reconciliation in the House of Representatives, called on the Kpolokpalai citizens to forgive the “doers of the untold atrocities” in the town. UPF Bong Coordinator Prince Simpson, as well as Liberia Shelter for Abused Women and Children Project manager Eugenia Monway, among others, also attended the groundbreaking program.

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